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Monday, November 13, 2017 - 03:19 PM UTC
Print Scale has produced a 1/72 decal sheet for the Me 163 Komet with seventeen marking options
The numerous marking options include:
-Me 163 [V-2] VD-EL,
-Me 163B-0 [V-21], VA+SS, 16310030
-Me 163 B-0 [V-35, GH+IN, 16310044
-Me 163 B-0 [V-41], PK+QL, 16310050
-Me 163 B-1 [V-45], C1+05, 1630054
-Me 163 B-1 [V-53], White 9, 16310062
-Me 163 B-0 [B-0], White 2, 440184
-Me 163 B-1 [V-61], GN+MD, 16310070
-Me 163 B-1, White 11, 163100??
-Me 163 B-1, White 9, 190579
-Me 163 B-1, 440014
-Me 163 B-1, White 18
-Me 163 B-1, Yellow 7, 191329
-Me 163 B-1, Black 13?, 191477
-Me 163 B-0, White 42
-Me 163 B-1, White FE500, 191301
-Me 163 B-0, PK+QS, 16310057

72-303 - Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet – 1/72

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I wonder how much overlap there is with the Rocketeer Decals. And when Academy is going to re-release their superb Komet again. Because it is extremly hard to find at the moment.
NOV 13, 2017 - 04:13 PM
Many thanks for the news Tim. I'm not one of the Komet-experten however I already see a shortage of studying references for the painting schemes. Option 14 suggests loctation at Udetfeld in early spring 1945. In fact Udetfeld was taken over by soviets in the last days of January 1945 (25th January??) and at that time the 13/JG400 had already been evacuated to Germany sine at least two months. It's not a biggie and I don't question the painting scheme itself. Just be careful and do your own reaserch if you want 100% historical accuracy.
NOV 13, 2017 - 08:49 PM

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