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Sunday, January 07, 2018 - 05:27 PM UTC
Available from Trackpad Publishing is the companion volume to its earlier publication, Israeli Sherman-based Self-Propelled Weapons. Also, another title of recent release dwells on the experiences of a Canadian tanker in Afghanistan.
Israeli Sherman-based Self-Propelled Weapons Vol 2. Tom Gannon continues his work on this subject -- on the contribution of primarily, self-propelled artillery in the development of TZAHAL (Tsva Ha’Haganah le’Yisra’el, Hebrew for Israel Defense Force or IDF), as it was paired with another significant part of IDF history, the Sherman tank.

Vehicles featured in this second volume are: MACHMAT 160mm, L33 Ro’em, MAR240 and MAR290, Kilshon, Eyal OP vehicle, Medical Evacuation Tank, and the M10 Tank Destroyer.

Released earlier was Vol 1 that included: M7 Priest and TOMAT M50 155mm.

The New Evil. This is the story of one man – an experienced Canadian tanker who saw two tours in the Afghanistan theatre from 2006 to 2008, commanding both Leopard 1 and Leopard 2.

Warrant Officer Marvin MacNeill candidly and accurately recounts in this great book some of the challenges in getting Canadian tanks into the fight, alongside a combat-tested battle group. Throughout our tour, he helped to shape employment concepts for the tank squadron and then he and his crew were amongst the first to trial them in successive dust-ups. Marvin never let military protocol prevent him from speaking his mind, especially when it related to the safety of his troops; nonetheless he was professional, loyal, courageous and he could strip and assemble a main battle tank. Leaders listened to him. They couldn’t afford not to.

”The greatest value of this senior non-commissioned officer’s account is that it reminds us the most important parts of a main battle tank have nothing to do with technology. Rather, the critical assembly of any tank is its crew, the technicians and supporters who work miracles to keep them operating, and the families that back them on the home front.” Trevor Cadieu, Brigadier-General

Our thanks to Trackpad Publishing for this update.
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