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  • Academy M35
Academy are to release the U.S. M35 2.5ton Cargo Truck in 1/72 scale.
  • T-93
It's been a while since Tank announced new figure sets - here are the latest.
  • D356017
Echelon Fine Details have announced three new decal sheets in 1/35th scale.
  • 715
Keeping up with the new Trumpeter New Orleans class cruiser releases, Tom’s Modelworks announces a new photo etch set just for the 1/700 San Francisco and New Orleans. Bundling up their cruiser photo etch sets, Tom’s announces the 1/700 SF/New Orleans Package. Starting off with rails PE Set 715 – Catapults, Tom’s adds Set 717 Heavy Cruiser, & Set 753 Naval Doors to this special set. Bought separately, the sets retail for $33.00. Put them all together as the SF/New Orleans Set, retail price will be $20.00, a savings of $13.00. This set is available now.
  • tribal
Staying on the forefront of the model ship industry, Pit-Road announces two new upcoming kits. First up, partnering with Trumpeter, Pit-Road unveils their 1/700 British Navy Tribal class destroyer. Next, building on the success of the 1/144 LCAC, Pit-Road surprises everyone with their 1/72 Maritime Self-Defense Force LCAC. The price and release dates for these kits have yet to be announced.
  • PE35209_01
Voyager Modelhave just announced their latest crop of 1/35th scale update sets.
  • 5a59_1
Two new sets in 1/35th scale are now available from Decalcomaniacs
  • Templar_Knight_01
Mr. Jung of Seil Models has kindly informed us about their new releases. Their favorite piece for this month is a mounted templar knight at 75 mm scale. But the other two 54 mm are also interesting pieces.
  • K157h
Three new releases were announced by Accurate Armour at the recent Trucks and Tracks show in England.
  • T1346AL
Osprey Publishing announces the ninth book in their “Duel” series. The Victory vs Redoutable - Ships of the line at Trafalgar 1805 will take the reader back to October 21, 1805 as the ships of Royal Navy square off against a powerful Allied force. This book by Gregory Fremont-Barnes documents the battle that etched Lord Nelson’s nave in the annals of naval history. This book will retail for $17.95 and be out in May of 2008.
  • Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42
Dragon have announced a set of Gen 2 Fallschirmjäger w/Kurzer 8cm Granatwerfer42.
  • XO-10close
PiliPili Miniatures released a new figure kit.
  • NV1000
Mig Productions have just sent us details of a number of interesting new releases. 1/35th, 1/48th and new finishing materials & the first of their new DVDs are all included.
  • The two Absalon Class flexible support ships, built by Odense Steel Shipyar
The two Absalon Class vessels, built by Odense Steel Shipyard for the Danish Navy, are flexible support ships (combat support ships).

The ships can be equipped for naval warfare, land attack, strategic sealift missions or as a command platform. They can also be configured as hospital ships or for emergency disaster relief.

  • friendshipmodels
Wee Friends have added two new British Desert Tankers to their range.
  • picserve
Some new products from the company - a conversion set to backdate the new AFV Club M5a1 and a very eye-catching conversion for the Bronco Staghound. Read on...
OK, for those of you who have been after us to re-run our 1/350 scale 5"/54 mounts, I've just ordered a production run. You can place your orders now for Pro 3505 and we'll ship them as soon as they arrive.

John Snyder
White Ensign Models
  • filerepository_products_47b2ffba24ab4-rm35124-1
The Stryker (and its variants) seem to have been converted in a major industry for RealModel. Here's their latest offering:
  • 8430b
Following the release of their impressive new 1/48 scale Hellcat, it's not surprising that Eduard are taking things a little easier this month. Nevertheless, there's still an exciting line-up for March, with a Weekend Edition Fw 190A-5, a whole bundle of etched accessories for the big Trumpeter Dauntless and, just in case you thought Tamiya had pretty much covered all the bases in their lovely quarterscale Storch, no less than 3 etched sets to take it to new levels of detail!
  • propaganda.kompany
Propaganda Kompany have announced the release of a 1/35 Oural Irbit motorbike + side car in resin.
  • 01237
A new figure manufacturer is available from Hungary, The Body. They will focus on 1:48 and 1:35 scale figures and accessories and in the future will extend their range with historical figures, 1:72 scale figures, and diorama accessories.
  • von_Schleich_front_Randy_2_
The Model Cellar is well known for their range of Great War products, and thus they do not dissappoint fans of their range of WWI "Knights of the Air" with the announcement of a new 54mm (1/32 scale) pilot figure by Mike Good.
  • 0221080736_M_022108_shootdown2
ARLINGTON, VA — At 10:29 p.m. last night the Navy confirmed it hit the falling defense intelligence satellite using an SM-3 missile fired from the deck of the USS Lake Erie in the Northern Pacific. Navy officials say the missile likely destroyed its intended target, the satellite's 1,000 pound fuel tank.

"There are good first indications the shot was successful. There was an explosion on impact and over 80 pieces of debris were detected after initial assessments," an official said.
  • 10_350_JP_200
Always working to meet the need of the modeler, BMK announces the release of their latest turned brass barrels for the model ship community. The 1/350 Japanese 20 cm/50 (7.9") 3rd Year Type No. 1 replacement barrel set is custom made to replace the plastic gun barrels that come with Aoshima’s 1/350 Takao kit. The set includes 10 turned brass barrels with realistic, open drilled muzzles. Simply cut off the original plastic barrel from part E3, drill a hole in the remaining blast bag and glue in the brass barrel.
  • wrap1
While the names Peach Mountain Miniatures and Agustin J. (Augie) Rodriguez may be unfamiliar to many young or new modellers, to those familiar with Augie will know that his very name is synonymous with historical accuracy and high quality sculpting and casting. And so, it is with great pleasure that we announce Augie's latest release, an accurate bust of the buccanneer known as "l’Olonnais".
Building on the success of their first two resin kits, Admiralty Model Works announces the upcoming release schedule for their new kits. Relatively new to the model ship world, Admiralty Model Works has already proven themselves with their 1/700 Federal German Navy Hamburg Class Destroyer and HMS Courageous, 1917. Admiralty’s kits, thus far, have fallen into the World War I and Post World War II genre. Their latest releases will hold true to this pattern. From the looks of the upcoming kits, the future is bright for Admiralty Model Works.
  • LR_FLAK43_007
LionRoar began a few months ago with a limited range of COMPLETE (multimedia) kits in 1/35th scale. Here's their latest.
  • has3
Here's a run down as to what to expect from Hasegawa in the next few months.
  • Esmeralda
Helping to preserve the history of the tall ship, Aoshima Models announces their upcoming sailing ships 1/350 Danmark and 1/350 Esmeralda. These two beautiful clipper ships are very reasonably priced at $15.84 each. They are expected to hit the shelves in mid March.
  • giullare_01_1389_3
Crècy Models have recently announced the release of a new 54mm medieval figure, something a little more offbeat, a court jester.
  • aboutbanner
The History Channel announces their upcoming series Battle 360: USS Enterprise. The ten-week series premiers Friday, February 29 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Battle 360 will follows the Enterprise and its crews from Pearl Harbor to the end of World War II. With the sophistication of a 360-coordination between the carrier, the destroyers, the aircraft dominating the skies above and the submarines blanketing the deep, BATTLE 360 puts viewers into the action like never before using the latest technology and cutting-edge computer graphic animation. This series will follow the Enterprise and its men from the start of the war through to the last battle. As the war went on, the ship changed, the men changed, and the battles were never the same.
  • trumpcat
In this report, which will probably be the last of the Nuremberg News features, another of the 'majors' comes under the spotlight - Trumpeter
  • con_l479j9
Legend Productions have just announced three new update sets. Two are in 1/35th scale and the third is in 48th.
  • armo_35026
The Jadar Model subsidiary - Armo have just announced four new releases. Three are update sets for Trumpeter's PT-76, the fourth, a full kit...
  • 1127_full
Drabant Miniatures have two new releases.
  • 2901
In Nuremberg, I spent some time talking to PlusModel and looking at their new releases - here they are.
  • 7671
Once again, Adalbertus were present at this year's Nuremberg Trade Show. The company are the exporters for (amongst many other items) a range of very unique figures - ToRo Model (Poland).
  • 54-235_1
Pegaso Model have recently announced their February 2008 releases. This month sees something for almost everyone in terms of scale from Pegaso, as products range from 100mm scale busts and 75mm figures to 54mm and 1/35 scale figures.
  • SS Tank Crew from Mk 35
Mk35 Editions have announced the release of a 1.35 scale Waffen SS Tank Crew for the Ardennes period.
  • nberg_08_064
Masterbox Limited is a company, who are getting a lot of very deserved coverage on this (and other) sites. Once again, at this year's Nuremberg Trade Fair, I had a chance to speak to them..
  • The Virginia (SSN 774) submarine is an advanced stealth multi-mission nucle
The Virginia Class new attack submarine is an advanced stealth multi-mission nuclear-powered submarine for deep ocean anti-submarine warfare and littoral (shallow water) operations.

  • icmcat
ICM Holding were at Nuremberg where I managed to have a word with them about their future plans. I also managed to get hold of their 2008 catalogue which forms the basis for this report.
  • icmcat
At the recent Nuremberg Trade Fair, I was able to get my hands on the latest catalogue from ICM Holding as well as an opprtunity to speak to their representatives.
  • CB35006_CV33_L3
Bronco Model have just sent us images of two of their future 1/35th scale releases
  • 35036Ancient_Columns6
The new Dutch company Reality in Scale have, once again, enlarged their range of Diorama products with some very useful new kits.
Below a run down of what their new products are
  • 3000Full
Tank Workshop has begun re-releasing their rail car line.
  • nberg_08_001
SKP Model had some of their products on PlusModel's stand at the Nuremberg Trade Fair.
Tonight I received a shock in my e-mail, a letter from Meteor Productions, Inc. announcing the end of their business by this Saturday, February 16th!

  • Miniart_catalogue
In this report we present an overview of what we can expect from MiniArt Limited in their increasing range of 1/35th scale building and diorama sets during 2008. The 'visual content' is a mixture of images from their site along with original photos taken during the recent Nuremberg Trade Fair..
  • jeanbarthull
In an effort to correct the hull deficiencies, Imperial Hobby Productions announces the upcoming release of their 1/700 Jean Bart Replacement Hull. This one-piece, resin waterline hull has the correct bulges and porthole pattern for the Jean Bart. It is configured to accept the Trumpeter’s kit superstructure. The retail price for this hull is $30.00. For those interested in purchasing this hull, please contact IHP.
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