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Eduard Model Accessories is back again with their usual monthly release of photoetch frets and plastic kits. Hilighting their kits this month is their new Sopwith F.1 Camel RFC in 1/48 scale.
Hidden and Dangerous, released by Illusion Softworks in 1999, will soon have a followup, Hidden & Dangerous 2. While not available world-wide this new game looks to have some amazing rendered graphics and unique gameplay.
You knew it was coming and it's finally here. Following the release of their very successful P-47 Razorback, Tamiya is getting ready to release the popular "Bubbletop" version that everyone has been waiting for.
For a reason I can't explain, its been a while since I've posted an update from the great folks over at Twobobs. They have recently released the NAVY 1 decal insert which allows you to model the S-3B Viking that carried President Bush onboard USS Abraham Lincoln.
This is Gekko Graphics first appearance here on Armorama and they do so with the release of two new sets of decals. Gekko Graphics is an Australian based decal company that produces decals in 72nd, 48th, 32nd, 35th and 24th scale.
Now that the IPMS Nationals are over and the fine folks over at Cobra Company have returned, they have gotten back to the grind and turned out another set of limited edition decals for all you rotor heads out there.
On July 21st, Graphsim Entertainment announced the North American release of F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom. A new Windows® PC flight simulation game, you are flying missions based on the recent war in Iraq.

Following up their four aircraft released in June, Roden has announced that they will be releasing three new aircraft kits in September 2003
Supercon 2003 is returning again this year thanks to the Fort Worth Scale Modelers in Fort Worth Texas. With the theme of "Machines That Changed the World", your sure to see some very interesting subjects presented.
Trackjam Models and Maple Leaf Models announce the release of their jointly produced Leopard C1 (Early) conversion kit for use with the Italeri Leopard 1A4.
After an absence of three years, Cooper Details has re-emerged with a new website and 21 new products to add to your stash of ever increasing modeling products.
It's been a little while since I've updated everyone on news from Collect-Aire and it's a shame. Collect-Aire has lots of things going on so I'll give you a quick rundown.
Verlinden has announced eleven new releases for August 2003... As usual, the releases are split across categories so that we can all find something new this time around!
ACE company just begun production of this kit. Decals are for four vehicles (2 Desert storm ones).
More details can be found here:
Extra detail is proud to announce the addition of some new distributors of their products as well a a new series of maps. The maps are from originals and are so detailed that you can even see the street names (with good eyes).
There are some very interesting "Future Releases" from Osprey Publishing due out soon. One of which will be of interest to those participating in the Barbarosa Campaign.
Cobra Company is making the trip out to the IPMS Nationals next week to setup shop as a vendor at the show. Because of that, they're going to be out of pocket for a while.
Accurate Miniatures has updated their website today with some great news for those of you waiting on their latest releases. Judging by the pic of their warehouse, it looks like they've been busy down there in North Carolina.
Twobobs Aviation Graphics is getting to release several new sheets of decals. Several new sets sporting artwork of OEF and OIF are soon coming available.
Cobra Company has unveiled their latest release-a set of decals for SOAR MH-60's. The decals are available in three scales or as one full sheet.
The latest kit from Monroe Perdu is a unique vignette depicting the booksellers stalls along the Seine river in Paris. The book vendors have been in place along the quays for centuries, so this kit will be the perfect backdrop for figures of practically all eras and armies. It builds into a versatile setting for military and civilian figures as either occupier or tourist.
The Plasticmodeller's clubs KPM Brno and DDM Junior Brno held their annual exhibition on June, 7th 2003 in the Technical Museum Brno/CZ.
BLAST MODELS is expending it's line of resin accessories fast! There are already great accessories for some Pz III and Pz IV on the eastern front.
Verlinden has scheduled no less then eleven new releases for july 2003. Different figures from Napoleonic times to the Vietnam war and also a couple of detailsets.
I received an interesting email today from Alan Griffith, President of AMtech Models. Seems there has been a lot of speculation by the modeling community on rumors of a new P-40B/C and Mr. Griffith wanted to lay those rumors to rest.