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  • Orizzonteok
Delphis Models announces the release of their latest resin ship, Italian Navy Frigate Orizzonte. This 1/700 resin kit is of the new Horizon Common New Generation Frigate (CNGF), a multi-national collaboration with France and Italy. This kit will retail for $85.24.
  • USS Farragut
New 1/700 scale resin ships from Midship Models! USS San Francisco, USS Sims and USS Farragut.
  • triumphant, exulting faces
Hornet have announced some interesting new headsets: “defeated expressions” “wearing British WW1 field caps” and “triumphant, exulting faces” in 1/35 scale

  • 859
Adalbertus Miniatures are beginning to feature more regularly in the News Section as they are acting as distributors for a number of items which are hard to find outside Poland. Now, comes news that the company are handling the excellent Armor Photo Gallery series from Progress Model Centrum.
  • bounty_jolly_boat
Model Shipwrights is proud to welcome a new vendor, Garrett Wade. Mainly specializing in high quality woodworking tools, Garrett Wade also offers modeling tools and finely crafted wood ship kits. One of these nice kits is the 1/25 HMS Bounty Jolly Boat.
  • The Alvaro de Bazan is the first of five multipurpose frigates for the Span
The F100 is a 5,800t multipurpose frigate built by the Spanish shipbuilder, Izar (formerly E.N. Bazan). In February 2005, the naval shipbuilding activities of Izar were spun off into a new company, Navantia.

  • fuso1
Profile Morskie is back in the news today with a new series in their great line of reference books. This news series, Ships In Color, will give the modeler line drawings, photographs and four color silhouettes in scale drawings. First in the series is Japanese battleship FUSO (1939/42).
  • Pacific Coast Models
Pacific Coast Models specializes in items for modellers with an interest in the WWII Italian Air Force and the Italian Royal Army, and they have released three new kits in 1/32nd scale.
  • 6439-1
As was to be expected, Dragon Models used the Tokyo Trade Show to announce their plans for future 1/35th scale AFV kits.
  • UM 050 WWII US Navy Sailor at Rest #2
Rodolphe Roussile, of resin model manufacturer U-Models sends us a new batch of images and details of the company's latest releases, all in 1/35 scale resin!
Rodolphe Roussile, of resin model manufacturer U-Models sends us a new batch of images and details of the company's latest releases, all in 1/35 scale resin!
  • C4F052
El Viejo Dragón Miniaturas announced their new items available in this month. Two new figures at 54 mm scale and two scenery kits. One of these figure kits includes a scenery kit which is also available separately.
  • 136-product-pic-2
Build-A-Rama brings a dozen new products to the market. This batch of products is all 1/32nd scale representing a wide array of products.
  • move
NEWS in from resin manufacturer Iron Bottom Sound announcing thier new line of 1/144 scale Balao Submarine Conning tower conversions, and heres the scoop on the first four!
  • 35003_front3
Helo Miniatures, Anders Heinz' and John Long's new figure company, have recently announced their forthcoming October 2007 releases. Due 18 October 2007, in addition to their first 1/35 WW2 figure set, Helo have also announced their first 54mm historical figure.
Continuing the good news for Allied Modelers comes this treasure trove of releases from Resicast including deep wading trunks for the Sherman III, a full kit of the Polsten airborne anti-aircraft gun and a Ford V8 engine for the Universal Carrier.
  • astoria
This just in from Poland. Profile Morskie has sent us news of their latest releases in their Warships Plans series. These six new releases feature the profiles of World War II ships from the United States Navy, French Navy, Imperial Japanese Navy and the British Royal Navy. All of the books include detailed drawings, photographs and 1:400 scale color silhouettes.
  • mmp
A new book from Dick Taylor and Mushroom Model Publications on vehicles used by the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan.
  • PW5CoverGrey
A few years ago, a new publisher emerged onto the market with a different way of presenting contemporary archive images of AFVs - PanzerWrecks.
  • S8-F46-01
Andrea Miniatures have recently updated their website with a new 90 mm figure from Classics in 90 mm series.
  • EEDORA-Cover-V1
Eagle Editions are ready to ship Volume One of Jerry Crandall's epic saga of the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D. The fruit of over 20 years research into the subject, this looks set to become the definitive work on the Dora.
  • The De Zeven Provincien air defence and command (LCF) frigate.
De Zeven Provincien Class (LCF) Air Defence and Command Frigates, Netherlands

Royal Schelde have built four De Zeven Provincien Class guided missile carrying fast frigates for the Royal Netherlands Navy. The air defence and command (LCF) frigates were built at Royal Schelde's Flushing shipyard. They replace Tromp class and Jacob van Heesmarck Class frigates
  • header_31617
Tamiya Models will be announcing two new additions to their "Waterline Series" this month at the Tokyo Hobby Show, images of the models at this time are not available, but we do have the details and some pre-production box-art to share!
  • 350-412
Building or planning on placing Trumpy's 1/350 scale Massachusetts or Alabama in your drydocks?

Take a closer look at this new aftermarket upgrade available soon from Gold Medal Models
  • batchild1
Fontegris Miniaturas are proud to announce our new releases for October 2007. This month we release 2 more 54mm figure bases but the highlight is the release of our new 60mm "Bat Child".
  • Convair XA-41
Anigrand Craftswork's line of experimental aircraft continues with the release of the 1/72 scale Convair XA-41.
  • bubbletop_boxart
Following on from Trumpeters recent 1:32 Razorback kit comes the eagerly anticipated Bubbletop version.
It really is becoming a Golden Age for fans of Thunderbolts in this scale!
  • UIF2_380px
News in from Luftfahrtverlag-Start of volume number 2 of their new publication U-Boot im Focus, will be hitting the market this month.
  • Newsl_7_071
Every so often, the Czech manufacturer, PlusModel announces a complete kit. This is one of those occasions and a subject which is unlikely ever to be kitted by one of the injection-moulded manufacturers.
  • 35-01-02-01
ANT Miniatures has recently released the first images of their forthcoming 1/35 scale modern Russian figure vignette.
  • 8261
Ademola22, the manufacturing arm of resin historical figures and busts within the Adalbertus Wojciech Bulhak company have recently announced two new releases. In addition to the eighteenth 200mm bust in their range, a young Bonaparte, Ademola22 have released their first 90mm figure - an impressive looking Polish knight at Tannenberg, the location of the Battle of Grunwald (or 1st Battle of Tannenberg) which saw the Monastic State of the Teutonic Knights decisively defeated.
  • Jeanne_D_Arc_2
Ahoy mates. Please take the time to give a big Model Shipwrights welcome to a new vendor, Imperial Hobby Productions. Manufacturer of fine resin and metal kits, Imperial Hobby Productions latest release is the 1/700 French Jeanne D'Arc 1964 Helicopter Carrier . This Apprentice Series 1/700 resin kit is now available at $65.00 plus shipping. As a bit of trivia on this unique ship is that the Jeanne d'Arc was built as La Résolue, as her predecessor, the Jeanne d'Arc, was still in service. She was renamed Jeanne d'Arc in 1964.
Alpine Miniatures have just made available images of two new figures which will be available later this month.
  • FM_7505_G2
Frank Konetzke's figure company FK-Miniatures released a new 75mm Alan Ball Napoleonic period figure back in August 2007. Unlike many figures of this period which are represented in a more classical pose which displays uniform well, Alan Ball and Frank Konetzke have gone a more dynamic route, which is currently favoured by many modellers, with this release.
  • Leo54mm_1
A little over a week ago, Fausto Gutiérrez López's company Yedharo Models published a preview of the master of their latest 54mm figure, at that time simply titled “Spartan”. We now have the pleasure in announcing that the figure, now officially titled Spartan King is available for purchase. As noted previously the figure, in the likeness of the character Leonidas from the motion picture 300, is bound to compete with a similar offering recently announced by a rival figure company, albeit in different scales. If this figure is anything like Yedharo’s recent Spartan busts, this figure bound to be a popular release.
  • 28002_1_Full
Tiger Model Designs have announced several new releases in 1/35th scale. The most impressive is undoubtedly their complete (resin) kit for the M8 Heavy Motar Carriage.
  • 822
The Polish manufacturer and distibutor, Adalbertus Miniatures, have just sent us details of a whole batch of new releases. In addition, we're covering some of the recent releases which may well have 'slipped through the cracks' after the summer vacations.
  • NWM
A preview of some of New World Miniatures (Mostly German so far) figures.
  • 6388-1
The latest announcement and images have just been sent to us by Cyberhobby.com.
  • Nuclear power for the Astute will be provided by the Rolls-Royce PWR 2 pres
SSN Astute Class Attack Submarine, United Kingdom

The Royal Navy's Astute Class submarine is a nuclear-powered attack submarine which is to replace the five Swiftsure Class submarines, launched between 1973 and 1977 and approaching the end of their operational life
  • hiryu_1
News from the Far East. Join me for a sneak peek of Lion Roar’s 1/700 IJN Hiryu Photo-Etched Flight Deck . This beautiful set replaces the kit’s plastic deck. This kit is a wonderful upgrade for the Pearl Harbor and Midway veteran.
  • hood_11
Ahoy mates!

This just in from Trumpeter Models. Join me for a look inside of the box of Trumpeter's new 1/700 HMS Hood in 1941 fit. This is a scaled down version of their popular 1/350 kit and looks to be equally as sought after.
  • The new Breed
A new book on Shermans and Priests in British Service in North Africa has been released by The Factory Publishing
Special Hobbys planned releases towards the end of the year have something to please everybody.
Experimental aircraft, early jets, and a helicopter. WW2 fans havent been excluded, as theres a 1:48 Avro Anson in the pipeline too.
  • EC-107
Eagle Editions have a real bundle ready for WW2 enthusiasts in October - a new set of spectacular P-47 decals, detailed metal Fw 190 gear legs, resin R4M rockets and another example of Radu Brinzan's amazing etched Bf 109 canopy frames.
  • RBT001
The name Radu Brinzan should need little introduction - he's the master pattern maker behind some of the superb resin and photo-etch kits and accessories produced by EagleParts and MDC.

But as well as producing patterns, Radu has also developed a unique new PE folding tool - the Flip-R10.
  • sendai-line1
Sail the Pacific with the 1/700 Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Sendai from 1943 and the Japanese Navy Light Cruiser Jintsu from 1942 from Aoshima Models. These 7,100 ton Sendai class cruisers will be released at the end of December 2007. The retail cost of these kits will be an estimated $17.00.
How to achieve a realistic wood grain effect is one of the most common questions asked when discussing early aviation builds.
Decals are one option, and Spada Decals have released a series of decal sheets that address this.
  • MS005-G
Italian manufacturer Aitna Model have recently announced their latest releases which include not only two dinosaur riding fantasy warriors, but also a new Stefano Borin Samurai. In this news article we also have a look at a few other recent products that Aitna have released during the year.
  • Ed_Mirage2000
In answer to the overwhelming demand for their Limited Edition Mirage 2000, Eduard have announced a one-off extra run of the kit - a Limited Re-Edition - so now's your chance if you missed the kit first time around.

Also new next month will be the latest addition to the phenomenally successful Fw 190 range - a Fw 190A-8 R/2, previously only available in the Royal Edition.

October looks set to be a good month for Great War enthusiasts, with an Albatros D.V Dual Combo in 1/72 scale and a new set of French WW1 quarterscale figures.
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