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  • 6410-3
The other day, while I was posting the DML update, I included a reference to an intriguing release/re-working of the German Cossack Cavalry set in 1/35th scale. Now, we're able to bring you a photo-report on the new set.
  • bama_2
Ahoy mates! Here's a look inside the box of Trumpter's big USS Alabama. She's a real beauty and getting closer to being released every day. Join me for a peek inside this much anticipated kit.
  • Lufbery_bust_1
The Model Cellar is well known for their range of Great War products, and thus they do not dissappoint with the announcement of a new large scale WWI pilot bust. The 1/12 scale bust is, however not the only recent release from the workbench of Mike Good. Other recent releases include a 54mm (1/32 scale) figure and a 1/6 scale bust, both of well-known WWI German pilots. Not without mention though is also 200mm WWII French Legionnaire, at Bir Hach'eim in 1942.
  • U-Boat_VII_B
Set sail from your base in occupied France to hunt merchant ships in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico with these new 1/700 Type VII and Type IX u-boats from Hobby Boss. That’s right. Hobby Boss is proud to announce the release of four of the Kreigsmarine’s heavy hitters, the Type VII B and C and the Type IX B and C. Featuring a full hull or waterline option, these little gems will retail for $6.07 each. Start your planning now for that sub pen or Wolf pack attack diorama.
  • 35052prev01
Bison Decals have regularly featured in the news section here, however, this series of releases are very much along the lines of a slightly different 'departure' for them.
  • 35291
We've just been sent details of Mig Productions latest releases which apart from the products we have come to expect from this company, contain a number of new products which will truly help to make life just a little easier for the modeler.
  • Mk35
Mk 35 Editions have announced two new resin, early war, French Infantry figures in 1:35.
  • K146a
Accurate Armour have just sent us details and imges of their latest releases in both 1/35th and 1/48th scales.
  • Alatriste005
Elite Miniatures present a new 75 mm figure. We have the chance to view it painted by two different masters.
  • 120-58-59-01
Viktor Antonov of ANT Miniatures from Russia has kindly informed us about their new releases, a 120 mm double figure kit and three more 54 mm kits. All white metal.
  • British Armor in Sicily and Italy
A new book coming soon from Concord showing photos of the White scout car, M3 halftrack family, Daimler Dingo, Otter armored car, Universal Carrier, Stuart, Priest, Grant, Sherman,etc in British use in Italy.
  • Saratoga
Do you want to do a pre-war aircraft carrier without all the scratch building? Pit-Road announces, that in a joint development with Trumpeter, the release of their CV-3 USS Saratoga 1936 with PE set. The kit provided airwing includes nine each F3F, BFC, and SBUs and six LSN-1. The kit also features the option of full hull or waterline. Retail cost will be $41.82
  • 700th_new_orleans
Are you a cruiser fanatic? Well then this should interest you. Pit-Road and Trumpeter have teamed up again to bring the ship modeler two new World War II USN cruisers, the USS New Orleans and the USS Astoria. Both of these kits have the option of full hull or waterline. At this time, it is undetermined as to which manufacturer will release these kits. Retail cost will be $31.36
  • australien2
JMD Miniatures announce an Australian cavalry figure at 60 mm.
  • l_DRA6410
Once again, playing 'catch-up' with the most prolific company out there - Dragon Models, a series of new releases announced which include 1/35th and 1/72nd scale.
  • nagy_cikk1190433600je5yb_wpn33
In this report we are presenting information on a completely new company who are going to be concentrating on an increasingly popular area - modern U.S. equipment.
  • maru-yu
Do you like building submarines and want something different? Fujimi Models sends us news for their very interesting 1/350 Imperial Japanese Army Transport Submarine "Maru-Yu". Due out in November, this kit with retail for $21.42.
  • 15cm
Trumpeter's U.S. importer has just sent us details and some images of Trumpeter's releases for 4th quarter 2007 and 1st quarter 2008.
  • jb
Trumpeter Models sends us an initial announcement of the planned February release of the French battleship, Jean Bart, 1950, in 1/700 scale plastic, 100% NEWLY TOOLED!
  • victor_box
Do you like 1/700 resin kits? WSW’s latest releases offer something for everyone. Do you like modern Russian subs? Then take a look at the 1/700 Victor and Quebec class kits. Maybe World War II combatants is your preference. If so, you like the late war German S-boats and the British HMS Winchester. Maybe you’re a Civil War buff. Well, you’ll love the Monitor and Virginia.
  • 54mm_preview
Newcomers to the figure manufacturing game, Spanish company Yedharo Models has just announced the imminent release of a new 54mm figure; Yedharo recently published a preview of the master of their latest 54mm figure, simply titled “Spartan”. The figure, in the likeness of the character Leonidas from the movie 300, is bound to compete with a similar offering recently announced by a rival figure company, albeit in different scales. If this figure is anything like Yedharo’s recent Spartan busts, this figure sure to be a very fast seller. Coincidentaly, Yedharo have just made thebox-art of the two previously released busts public.
  • 350071
Italian manufacturer Blues Models have recently announced the release of a new 1/35 Fallschirmjager. However, what sets this figure aside from other Fallschirmjager figures of this scale is that he has been modelled as a dismounted motorcyclist. While designed for Tamiya's Zundapp, this figure could almost certainly be posed with virtually any period motorcycle - or perhaps even a bicycle.
  • archer_1_1260_3
Crècy Models have recently announced the release of two new 54mm 100 Year figures. Representing the forces of King Edward III of England at the battle of Crècy, the one figure is a newer version of the previously released French herald while the other, a Longbowman, is a new and attractive sculpture from M.Pezzotti.
  • BFM-7005
Have you Old Mo' or the New Jersey on your bench? Be sure to check out these new turned brass barrel sets now in stock at Battlefleet Models!
  • 262_header
Academy have announced 3 new 1:72 releases.
Fans of USAAF noseart will enjoy the B17G Special Nose art Edition,
and theres also a B29 Superfortress and an Me262.
  • 51yXWDZk4TL_BO2_204_203_200_PIsitb-dp-500-arrow_TopRight_45_-64_OU02_AA240_
The name of Steve Zaloga should require little introduction in armor modeling, however, not only is he a highly-prolific modeler, he has also published a great number of excellent reference books. Now, comes news of another book for those modeling the M4 Sherman.
  • Qin_Shihuangdi-02
We received the pictures with painted October items from Seil Models.
  • goth03
Alexander Miniatures announce their new releases. A 75 mm and a 54 mm figure, both available late September.
  • CB35011_Staghound_MkI_late_box_art
By now this should be making its way into LHS' across the planet, so, by way of a preview here are a selection of images of this very welcome release.
  • sail_2
Are you looking to model a post war USN fleet boat? Take a look at this. Iron Bottom Sound announces the release of their 1/144 scale Electric Boat step sail.. With this resin sail you can convert your Trumpeter Gato in to a post-war Fleet Snorkel boat. The retail price for this conversion sail is $39.50.
  • Roden_Pfalz_DIII_Boxtop
Roden sent it and I built it. I have to say it was a fun build.
  • 75-040_3
As we announced before Pegaso Models have prepared for us some new figures which we were expecting them to see available in this month. Pegaso Models did not disappoint us and they've launched these items as their Semptember releases. Two 75 mm, a 54 mm and a 50 mm sized figure, all very colorful.
  • Atago1
Working with their much publicized Takao, Aoshima Models announces the release of their 1/350 IJN Heavy Cruisers Atago and Maya. These sisters shared similar fates during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. While sailing through the Palawan Passage, the Atago and Maya were torpedoed by the US subs Darter and Dace, respectfully. The Atago, Kurita’s flagship, was sunk while the Maya was damaged to the point that she had to withdraw.
  • Academy m7
Academy are set to release their new tool M7 Priest and the additional good news is that they have corrected the problems with the M3 suspension.
  • PE35163_01
Voyager Model have just published their latest release list.
  • HF3copertinaenglish
Auriga Publishing have just announced a new book on the (short-barelled) Pz IV variants.
  • 122_copy
It's pretty much unanimous that Masterbox Limited are producing some of the most imaginative figure sets on the market. Once again, thanks to the company, we're able to bring you a Preview of a work in Process - Secret Item # 3538 on their website.
  • danilobook
Marco Ganghini of Best Soldiers kindly informed us about a new book by Pegaso Models official master painter Danilo Cartacci.
  • 126-product-pic-1
This may be a new company to some of you. They are an on-line company that produces a wide range of products for diorama builders. Their products range from ground work to buildings to detail pieces. Build-A-Rama is unique in that they target a wider array of building scales than you might normally see. The are making the news because they have announced 11 new products.
  • Jakrei Brit Paras
Pete Morton of Jakrei Miniatures is keeping his promise of sticking to Allied subjects with the release of not one but two British Paratroopers.
  • 3529_3_11
Some of the items in this News item were previously covered in another report, however, some are for imminent release and others are in the preparation stage. The next few months are going to see some very exciting releases from Masterbox, in this photo-report we're going to give you some pointers as to what to expect...
  • 406_header
New from Czech manufacturer AZ Model comes a 1:48 Morane Saulnier M.S 406 In Africa. Part of a series of M.S 406 releases. Fans of 1:72 scale biplanes will also be pleased with new offerings from company,
which include 2 boxings of the Avro 621 Tutor.
  • LM33003top
When AFV Club began releasing their Centurion series and Bronco produced a Comet in 1/35th scale it became clear that a lot of possibilities would emerge for conversions and updates. Now, LionMarc Model Designs have announced new sets for the two vehicles.
  • 16017_copy
It's been far too long since we covered the Polish AM manufacturer ABER in the News. Now, after the summer break, they've announced a series of new releases in a variety of scales.
  • Qin_Shihuangdi01
Seil Models announced the upcoming items for October. They are presenting a bust, a 54 mm mounted figure and a 75 mm figure. We received exclusively some "more" photos of the unpainted products for Historicus Forma members.
  • small_boats
Veteran Model announces the release of their 1/350 Resin Ship Fittings. With Veteran’s new line, you can outfit your 1/350 Arliegh Burke class destroyer in style. Also included in this line is post war USN anti-air guns. Let’s take a closer look at what they offer.
  • 200738c
We’ve all done it. I’ve done it too. We go to Hobby Lobby and see those great large scale kits and wish we could afford it. Well, now we can. Hobby Lobby is offering an internet only 40% off coupon. This coupon is good for the week of September 17 through September 22.
  • 35001_3
Helo Miniatures' initial releases of 1/35th scale Modern US Figures are now available.
  • Airfixdotcom
Under the new owners, Hornby, the new Airfix website has just been launched.
Hornby who took over the Airfix and Humbrol brands after the near extinction of these two modelling legends have redesigned the new web page.
  • 350431
It's not a surprise this set (we had details of it back in february) but now Miniart's Soviet Naval Infantry are due for imminent release.
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