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News in from Revell Germany, of the next two submarines in their 1/144 scale, U214 and Type VIIC Uboat.
  • French House Mk35
Mk35 have a new release of interest to Diorama makers

BO17 French Building

News in from Osprey Publishing, of the next title for the shipwright in their New Vanguard series, slated for a September release, US Nuclear Submarines: The Fast Attack

Seil Models kindly informed us about their new releases on June 2007. They bring two 54 mm Ottoman figures and a 75 mm. mounted Indian figure on market.
Our good friend Luciano (Littorio) brings us photos of Milcast Models new 1/76 LCI (L). Check it out.

I bet many of us have wished for a particular detail set but how many of us have been in a position to actually ask for one and have our wish granted?
  • 6375-2
After producing a considerable number of variants of the PzIV, Dragon Models have now announced a set of Crew figures...
  • 48062
The Spanish manufacturer, Mig Productions, have just announced their latest (an VERY varied) releases:
News from Pit-Road.

Future release of the 1/700 IJN Fubuki.
  • WW_II-WL-G-008
New from H-P Models, German Destroyer Z.9, 1940.
Fontegris Miniatures announced new releases for June 2007. They bring 3 fantasy figures and 3 figure bases on market.

Lorenzo Romeo of Romeo Models kindly informed us about their June releases.
This month Romeo brings 3 new products on market; a 54 mm Landsqueneckt, a 54 mm WW II German soldier and a 54 mm figure base.
  • T0900AL
Osprey Publishing is proud to announce their latest release in the New Vanguard series.

Imperial Japanese Navy Submarines 1941-45
(New Vanguard 135)

The interesting Czech model company Skp have been advertising that they were going to produce a:

“quite new unique product, which nobody is producing untill now. It will be extremly precise accessory made by quite new technology.”
Resicast are taking advance orders for the Multibank A57 engine which will be will be available very shortly.

35.269 Chrysler Multibank engine : this is just the engine and it will fit into the TASCA Firefly. It will also fit into the RESICAST & DRAGON M4A4 with a little extra work. Contains 78 resin parts
Price is: 39.00 euros (32,23 export)
Marco Ganghini of Bestsoldiers kindly informed us about the new fantasy figure releases of Enigma Miniatures and Lheonard Miniatures.
Lucky Models is pulling out the stops to celebrate their 4th anniversary. They are offering some amazing special offers when you spend as little as $20.
New Liberty Ship reference book from Glencannon Press.
The Victory Ships From A(Aberdeen Victory) to Z(Zanesville Victory)
  • RMA_35138
The Czech manufacturer, RealModel continues with their new releases in a number of different areas...
Squadron/Signal announces their latest in the "On Deck" series, Ohio-Class Submarine On Deck
Luca Marchetti of Pegaso Models kindly informed us about their June releases.
This month Pegaso brings 3 new products on market; a 75 mm historical figure, a 200 mm bust and a 54 mm figure base.

Dragon has released a 1/72 scale model of a P-38 Pathfinder containing all the special characteristics of this version of the Lightning.
It receives a clear nose thanks to a completely new mold that shows off the radar system installation.
Detail is finely rendered, and careful engineering ensures this model aircraft is easy to assemble.
  • 1fuso
New from Model Art, special issue #24,
This is an update for Skp models who are offering a Free bonus figure with their Humber Scout car kit.

Skp 011 Injected Mould Kit - Humber Mk.I Scout Car 18.99 EUR

You can see Jim Rae’s review of the kit http://www.armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Reviews&file=index&req=showcontent&id=2457"> here

This just in from the marshes of Southwest Louisiana. New masks from Gator's Paint Masks.
News in from Revell of Germany, of a new 1/50 scale "Oars and Wind" specialty, the "Viking Ship!"
Le-van Quang sends us news of a new product range from PiLiPiLi.
  • 48003prev07
Six new sets of Polish, French Indochina, Allied Sherman and Firefly decals in 1:35 and 1:48 scale are now available from Bison.
This long-awaited kit is now here. Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Severn Class Lifeboat.
Continuing their series of USN GUPPY conversions, Yankee Modelworks will be offering two new submarines in the series: SS-377 USS Menhaden and SS 394 USS Razorback
  • A35-015_image1
The Polish manufacturer of turned-metal gun barrels and a plethora of other useful accesory sets - ArmorScale have just announced their latest releases:
A new model release from Russian firm South Front - 1/48 scale Lavochkin La-5.
News in from Flagship Models, of their latest full resin ship kit offering, "CSS Virginia", 1/192 scale.
News in from LionRoar Model Arts Company, of a batch of interesting aftermarket upgrades just for us shipwrights!
  • HomepageImage
The Navy will commission the newest Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, the USS Kidd (DDG 100), June 9 in Galveston, Texas.
  • EE_47
Eagle Editions are running a special promotion this summer for collectors of fine Aviation Art. The work of Jerry Crandall has appeared in countless reference books and, of course, his profiles often accompany EagleCal decals.
  • 16003a
Hello Gents
I'm pleased to announce Alpine Miniatures' new release in June 2007.
Seil Models have sent us some early pictures of their June 2007 releases. These were all taken of the masters prior to being painted for the boxart.
  • 16003b
Taesung is pleased to announce Alpine Miniatures' new release in June 2007.
Due in October 2007! 1/350 USS San Francisco from Trumpeter!
Osprey have announced 2 new releases from the Aircraft of the Aces series which should interest all W.W.1 fans.
And for all the W.W.2 fans out there you haven't been left out, with a interesting look at Modelling the P-51 Mustang from their Osprey Modelling series.
John Snyder, from White Ensign Models, sends us NEWS of a new photo etch set for Trumpeter's Udaloy Class Destroyer.
  • Firestorm
Some new items from Australian aftermarket company Firestorm

  • Archer
The U.S: decal company, ARCHER FINE TRANSFERS have just announced their latest releases in 1/35th scale.

Date line Atlanta. Nautilus Models 1/72 resin conversion for Revell's Gato is now available.
  • 259_generator
Every month or so, the Czech manufacture, PlusModel sends us details if their new releases and every month or so, it seems that the new relases are more interesting than the previous ones. Here are this month's new releases...
Adalbertus Distribution have recently announced new releases in 2 of their figure related lines.
New from Fujimi, a "what if" 1/700 Super Yamato.

Eagle Editions are mounting a special commemoration for Wolfgang Falck, known affectionately by his former comrades as the Father of the Night Fighters, who died in March this year.
NEWS in to the MSW newsdesk, of a very interesting new partnership between Czech Masters Kits (CMK) and German based company ArtMaster, who together are planning a new line in 1/72 scale resin shipyard diorama kits and accessories.
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