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In addition to the 135th Construction Battalion pieces, VLS has also released 2 additional diorama detail items this month through it's Custom Dioramics division. Both are the work of Ben Jakobsen.
135th CONSTRUCTION BATTALION, a VLS Creations Company, has released some interesting new building upgrades. They include a pillared balcony, a smoke stack (chimney), and 2 drain and plumbing fixtures sets. The creations are the work of Ben Jakobsen of Canada. Ben joined VLS in 2002 and has bee churning out good stuff like this since.
Ant Phillip Started an interesting post based on future RE-RELEASES from that most 'venerable' of manufacturers - AIRFIX.in the forums. Following his lead I found the release list on the Hannants website...

This is a news story which concerns ALL modellers, covering as it does, Military, Aviation, Car builders and Warship builders...
Once again Concord Publications continues to add to its already impressive list of publications. Two new titles one in the highly useful Journal of Armored & Heliborne Warfare and another in the WARRIOR SERIES...
Classic Airframes produce 1/48th scale aviation kits. They are slightly different from from the 'mainstream' producers in that their kits are Multi-Media in other contain a mixture of materials - plastic, resin and where appropriate, white metal. This makes these kits marginally mopre expensive than the average 'plastic' kit and also enables them to cover less 'commercial' subjects than the mass-manufacturers.
A few months ago, Trumpeter announced some highly interesting new releases in 1/35th scale. (Finally) Trumpeter has realized the importance of an updated website and has started posting some images of its new products...
A number of years ago, a new company entered into the model kit market - this company went by the name of Skybow. Skybow was notable for firstly its range of subjects - principally U.S Softskins and secondly for 'pushing the envelope' of quality in its mouldings and accuracy. Not only did they produce models of an extraordinary quality, they also covered subjects which no-one else even considered. A few years ago, AFV Club acquired the moulds and since then have marketed the Skybow kits under their own label and with their own packaging....
T-Factory’s Los Angeles Chapter is ground-zero for the society. Imagine, if you will, a group of fellows from all over Southern California who share an interest in AFV modeling, the figurines and dioramas associated with this specialty hobby gathering one Saturday per month to socialize, share knowledge and techniques, show off projects from their workbenches, enjoy excellent food and wine (well...beer too) all in a social environment. That is the nexus of T-Factory.
It seems like only a few days ago that I posted news of some really interesting new Conversion/update sets from the Korean manufacturer Legend Production happily, a news editor's job is never complete and we are now able to bring you EVEN MORE of these mouth-watering new releases!
January will see the release of four more interesting titles from that most prolific of publishing houses - Osprey Publishing. In this news story, the attention turns to books which are of particular interest to aviation modellers...
Continuing with the policy of seperating Osprey Publishing's new releases thematically, this month sees the release of three new titles of particular interest to Armor Modellers...
The end of this month will see five more titles of particular relevance for figure modellers released by the British publishing house - Osprey Publishing
Trakz, a division of VLS, has released an all-resin 1:35 scale trailer to go with the LVT1 amphibious vehicle also designed by Ben Jakobsen. In use after 1944 in the PTO, the trailer was apparently not well like by DUKW and LVT crews as it was very heavy ladden down and also had difficulty going over rough terrain. Never the less this kit is a great addition to the collection of PTO vehicles and equipment available today. I am sure many of you wish there were more.
The Scottish armor manufacturer Accurate Armour has become in the last few years, a byword for the production of innovative products for the armor modeller. The company produces a wide-range of Softskins (trucks), Conversion sets and complete armor kits in principally 1/35 scale. This new release (which will be available in february) will almost certainly be another of those 'mould- breakers' - no pun intended...
Bison Decals have an enormous range of decal sheets in both 1/35th and in 1/72nd scale. The company also covers a wide range of subjects and periods - from WWII up to and including every conflict until Operation Iraqi Freedom and the peacekeeping operations in Kosovo.
Tiger Model Designs is one of those companies which provide an invaluable service for the modeller. They have a considerable number of varied product lines available covering vehicles from a number of periods and nationalities.
TRAKZ and Warriors are two of the 'in-house' brands sold and commissioned by the VLS Corporation Traks produce resin vehicle conversion sets, Warriors produce an enormous and interesting range of figures in a variety of scales...

The Spanish manufacturer Nimix has announced a new Diorama set from the Peninsular War - The Battle of Alba de Tormes (1809)
1/35 Sd.Kfz. 251/21 Ausf. D Schutzenpanzerwagen - Drilling MG 151 w/Bonus Features
The SdKfz 251/21, also known as the Mittlerer Schutzenpanzerwagen - Drilling MG 151,it was a very effective anti-aircraft version of the SdKfz 251 halftrack. Mounting three excellent 15mm MG 151/15 or 20mm MG 151/20 machine guns on a compact pedestal behind a small armored shield, these modified SdKfz251 halftracks could provide very effective defensive fire against the Allied aircraft and ground targets as well.
One of the real joys in the news section, is to be able to bring news of interesting new companies. A company which completes both categories is Armour Workshop - a Hong Kong based producer od resin accessories for vehicles in both 1/35th scale AND in 1/48th scale...
Andrea Miniatures continues to expand and complement its ranges. These future releases should find (as always) a ready market...
In my first news story of the new year, it seems appropriate to cover the new releses of a company which has influenced many modellers, sculptors and designers - Verlinden Productions. While many companies seem to have fallen by the wayside, Verlinden is still there, bringing out new releases on a monthly basis...
Replace the incorrect anchors in your new Trumpeter 1/350 scale USS Nimitz kit.
Revell Of Germany have released a 1/72 version of the huge Sd.Kfz 9 "Famo" in injected plastic.
Following the terrible events over the weekend in S.E. Asia, the major relief agencies have launched an appeal for donations.

Some websites that can help you contibute are the following:

Red Cross & Red Crescent


Catholic Relief Services

American Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

American Jewish World Service

Foster Parents Plan

Please Remember - all these sites are offering secure servers to make credit card donations...

We'll try and update with more websites as they become available...

Voyager Model is a Chinese producer of etched-brass detail sets for Aircraft, Warships and AFVs. The latter are the subject of this news story....
The Korean company, Legends Productions have become one of the most interesting sources of news in the last few months. It is becoming more than obvious that they are addressing some of the real demands of both Israeli and Aliied modellers if their recent releases are anything to go by...
Academy has announced it's 1st quarter (armor/vehicle) releases for 2005. It has to be said from the outset, that it is not exactly going to get the pulses racing...
Formations is a company which has made its reputation on producing a wide range of conversion and update sets for the Sherman and Stuart in 1/35th scale. A few months ago, they began to add Stuart components to their catalogue. With these new releases they continue this process and add some more useful sets...
ACE company has just begun production of their 1/72nd scale Russian Main Battle Tank T-90 (kit #72163).
Decals are for two vehicles + one camo for vehicle without any markings.

More details can be found here:


Please remember, when contacting retailers or producers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here on ARMORAMA

Having just posted a news story about Coelian's interesting 1/72nd scale releases, it seems only sensible to do one on their 1/35th range....
Coelian Models is a Dutch producer of armour conversion/enhancement sets in both 1/35th and the increasingly popular scale of 1/72nd.. This news story deals with some excellent - looking coversion/update sets in 1/72nd scale....
Milicast Models are widely considered to produce some of the best (resin) armor kis, conversions in 1/76th scale. Their products cater more for the Armor modeller than for the Wargamer, with a truly impressive level of detail considering their small scale...
There are two new Dragon releases this week - both armor related and both previously announced however, up until now, no images were available....
Once again, my thanks go to Terry Ashley of P.M.M.S. for pointing me in a most useful direction... These are the forthcoming Armor releases from Trumpeter....
Having unleashed one pleasant surprise in the news section today - it is my pleasure to give yet another. Thanks to a quid pro quo with Terry Ashley over at P.M.M.S. I am able to bring some REALLY special news....
This may come as a welcome surprise for many - the latest (unannounced) release from the Kong Kong/Japan based manufacturer Tristar
Fresh and welcome news from Trumpeter for ship modelers! Yah-Hoo , This is what we have been waiting for! New kits in all scales Just anounced by Stevens International. 2005 is going to be a great year for us Modelers.You have to see this!
Letterman Productions are the publishing 'arm' of the VLS Corporation, along with Trakz, Wingz and Warriors they produce a complimentary range of reference material dealing with both modelling and Armor reference. They are receiving a great deal of (deserved) interest from both the modelling enthusiast and the student of AFVs...
Eduard continues with a huge amount of new enhancement sets and this month, news comes that they are expanding their complete kits into armor and softskins....
Once again a HUGE batch of releases from the most prolific of manufacturers - EDUARD....
German short-run manufacturer Airmodel has announced the release of two new 1/72 scale Luftwaffe models:

Item Number: AM-2059 Heinkel He 118 V-1 is available now. This is a complete resin kit cast using what Airmodel claim is a new technology which offers exceptional detail.

To mark the release, Airmodel are offering the model at a special price of EUR 22.00 for orders placed before Christmas.

Also due for imminent release is something bound to interest Luft '46 fans:

Item Number: AM-2051 Horten Ho VII
A little while ago, German manufacturer Airmodel announced the release of two new 1/35 scale artillery kits. Both models are now ready for release:

Item Number: AM-1008 - a German 10.5 cm Flak 39

Item Number: AM-1055 - a US 155mm M 198 Howitzer

Both kits are multi-media models, featuring resin parts and turned aluminium barrels. Airmodel have produced these kits using a new resin-casting technology which they claim offers excellent quality.

To mark the releases, Airmodel are offering the models at a special price of EUR 51.00 for orders placed before Christmas.
We've finally gotten all the new colours in stock, based on Mike Starmer's extensive research which he generously shared.
Warriors who are part of VLS are announcing a number of new releases for 2005. The theme continues to be the U.S.M.C. in the Pacific in WWII...
Once again a considerable number of new releases from Andrea Miniatures and, if you have always needed one - a vulture in 54mm....
Two new releases coming from Dragon in January 2005. One, recently announced, the other a not unexpected release....
MIG Productions announced a batch of new releases and there are some extremely interesting items among them
HardCorps Models' has, since its inception, been one of these companies worth watching. They have brought out a range of highly practical accesory/conversion sets with a common theme - The War In the Pacific...
Thanks to a recent news report on P.M.M.S. we are able to bring you news of Panzer Shop - a Czech Republic-based producer of Resin conversion sets, Figures and Complete Kits - all in 1/35th scale.....
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