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In-Box Review
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by: Carlos Martin [ VARANUSK ]

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There is not much you can say about suitcases, as everyone knows (and probably uses) them. They are of the wheeled type, and are known also as "Trolley suitcase". These type of suitcases are quite recent, from the late eighties, but have expanded really quickly and nowadays they can be found on every situation: civil, military, aircraft, ground, vessels, gym... virtually everywhere. And they come in an almost infinite variety of models and colours, from plain dark blue to military camo schemes or brilliant patterns. Therefore, these suitcases can be used on many different models, from scenes to vehicle cargo or just on top of them.

The Model

The models comes in a small blister that can be opened just pulling from the lid. This may sound trivial, but is very useful if you are not going to use all the pieces at once so they can be stored again, or can be recycled for keeping other parts. There are no instructions included but they are not really needed as it is very easy to figure where the few parts go. Inside the blister there are four suitcases, all of them different. They are of similar sizes but none of them are identical. There are also different types, both rigid and made of fabric. One of the suitcases comes open, with the lid as a separated part.

The detail for all of them is excellent, smooth resin with no bubbles. They have detail on all faces except the bottom. All that you usually see on real suitcases is there, front and back pockets, zippers, handles, wheels, brand tags, and even the pull tabs. This is especially nice on the open one, with the inside pockets on the lid included.


The suitcases come in one piece (except the one which is open) with either some light flash left from the casting at the bottom, that is easily removed, or attached to a casting block. In a separated block, there are 12 tiny wheels and four handles. There is also a zip lock bag with eight styrene rods for the handle arms.

Building is merely attaching four wheels to two of the suitcases (the other two have only two wheels and they are moulded on) and the handles. Handles can be shown either folded or extended, using the provided rods. These arms can be single or double. Other than carefully removing the parts, and ensure the wheel bases are cut straight, there is nothing worth mentioning.


This is a very well detailed, small set that can have many different uses. Having one open is a plus, the quality is excellent and they can be ready to paint within minutes.

Highs: Cleanly moulded and easy to utilise.
Lows: None of which I am aware of.
Verdict: An excellent product for adding sime life like touches to your builds.
  Scale: 1:35
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 28, 2017

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