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Book Review
Figure Modeling No.22
Scale Model Handbook Figure Modeling No.22
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Another useful and handy book by untiring efforts of Stelios Demiras and MrBlack Publications. With its high standard on photo and printing quality, Figure Modelling Handbook Series No.22 is focused on 1/10 scale busts and 1/35 scale figures.

The book basics are company standard ; A4 size, matt laminated cover and 52 pages.
inside the book

Including 10 different articles from ancient times to World War II - five on WWII, two on WWI, two medieval and one Indian warrior. It provides different techniques for painting figures and busts, methods for sculpting and hints on making figure and vignette bases.

  • The book starts with an exceptional painting of Young Miniatures 1/10 scale German Waffen SS with Panzerschreck by Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth with 8 photos of the painted bust. Besides giving his Vallejo color codes for face, uniform, field gear and panzerschreck with Vallejo color codes; he explains how to paint Oak Leaf Autumn pattern on reversible smock and camouflage pattern on the anti-tank rocket launcher. Chipping on the metal parts and old leather effect worth to see.

  • A well detailed article for painting naked body. Sergey Popovichenko paints Pegaso Models 75 mm metal figure Pawnee Warrior. 25 step-by-step photos in numeric sequence for assemblying, making the base, priming and painting process and 3 photos for painted figure. He shares AK-interactive color codes for basic colors, shadows and highlights.

    The book continues by two short articles for Young Miniatures 1/10 scale busts.

  • Christos Katselos shares his paintwork of Stormtrooper, Battle of Somme 1916 bust with 9 photos and color codes . He captures the young look very nice.

  • Zacharias Andriapoulos paints Roman General 1st Century A.D. inspired by Russell Crowe from the movie-Gladiator. 4 photos of the final and a text by artist’s recipes.

  • Selou Casanova creates a vignette with Mantis Miniatures 2 figure kit German Kampfgruppe and Darius Miniatures scenery. Color codes for every piece on the vignette and 6 photos of the finished scene

  • Another nice article for painting a female bust. Christos Katselos explains how he painted Life Miniatures WW II Soviet Female Tanker. 5 photos from different angles and I have to admit that excellent painting on flesh tones, uniform, headgear, shoulder boards and medals.

  • A very useful and well organized article by Myouchin about sculpting. He sculpts a 1/10 scale 14 century Medieval Knight bust using different materials. With 44 step-by-step photos, he describes sculpting the head and upper torso, making chainmail, bevor and rivets. Then he shows how to make the sword and shield. 4 photos for the finished sculpted and 5 photos for the painted bust. Really a great article to see the great effort of an artist to make a master for a commercial piece of Young Miniatures.

    Two more 54 mm figures painted by Stelios Neofytidis with photos of the painted figures supported by texts with Vallejo color codes.

  • 1/35 scale ICM figure Greek Evzone, 5/42 Regiment, 1919 with 5 photos

  • 54 mm Tommy’s War British Soldier at Gallipoli with 7 photos.

  • Last article of the book is one more exceptional painting as in the first pages. Again Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth and Young Miniatures. This time he paints SS Gebirsjager WW II. A detailed text and 8 photos of the finished bust with very well represented cloth, leather and metal textures and life-like fleshtones.


    As all books of the series, this book also includes useful articles with step by step or finished photos, color codes of commercial paints or artist’s recipes that will be a reference or inspiration for painters of all levels. Medieval bust sculpting article and bust paintings of Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth worth to see.

    Stelios Demiras always states he will be pleased to hear feedback and suggestions to add new articles due to readers demand on next issues. Please don’t hesitate to send your opinions to him by e-mail to mrblackpublications@yahoo.com or visit at MrBlack Publications –Facebook

    Highs: Sculpting article is very useful. All bust paintings on the book are top-notch. Standard high quality on photos and printing.
    Lows: Nothing wrong but I wish to see more step by step articles.
    Verdict: Kudos to Stelios for keeping this series alive.Every issue is a great reference and inspiration for figure painters and modelers.
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      Scale: 1:1
      Mfg. ID: SMH-FM22
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      PUBLISHED: Jul 24, 2018
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 95.78%

    Our Thanks to Mr BLACK Publications!
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