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In-Box Review
King Tiger Porsche w Zimmerit
King Tiger (Porsche Turret) with Zimmerit - Premium Edition
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by: Dave Shick [ ILLINI ]

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A few years back Vinnie Branigan reviewed the DML Premium King Tiger (Porsche Turret) kit #6312 here. I will simply extend that review for the recently-released kit #6302, which is that same kit with replacement Zimmerit parts. Everything mentioned in the earlier review applies to the new kit, with a few exceptions noted below.

Kit Contents

The content of this kit is exactly the same as the earlier one with the exception of:

new (but not improved) instructions
upper hull
and one sprue of Zimmerit-covered parts

I mention the instructions, because they are still the photograph-style panned by Vinnie in the original review. I find it interesting that there is a copyright date on these from 2007, indicating this kit has been in the works for some time. When doing the review for the Lion Roar PE upgrade for this kit, I discovered one error in the instructions, which is in one of the pictures. That is, part H7 should be added to the muzzle. Otherwise, it has a very unfinished look. I’m not sure it’s exactly correct, but it’s better than without.

The review

As mentioned, the original review of kit #6312 stands for the majority of this kit. There is however, of course, the question of the Zimmerit.

The results are very close to reality. Check out this photo (taken at the Bovington Tank Museum) of the front upper hull of an actual King Tiger, including the machine gun bubble. There’s a picture from a similar angle of the model. IMHO, the model looks very similar to the real thing. There is a bit of a gap to fill under the “bubble,” and the model has more of a columnar appearance than the original, but I understand appearance varied from application to applicator.

Speaking of the need to fill a gap, I’ve seen some comments that the fit of the Zimmerit pieces isn’t good. I included pictures of a partially-assembled model to allow you to judge for yourself.. Other than the “bubble gap,” I can’t find any fit issues worth mentioning.


The upper hull, turret and associated parts have a nicely-done Zimmerit appearance. If anything, it’s too perfect. If you like weathering and battle damage, this will be difficult to undue. If, however, you’re like me and prefer an “out of the factory” look, this is the ticket.

I purchased this kit for the purpose of the Lion Roar review, and to expand my “stash."
Highs: Provides a good Zimmerit look without the need for aftermarket parts or DIY (do it yourself) with putty.
Lows: Not for the DIY type. Difficult to weather.
Verdict: For more or less the same price as the kit without, you get the full Zim treatment.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 6302
  Suggested Retail: $54 ($43 street)
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 26, 2010

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