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Bulldogs refurbish Museum models
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Posted: Friday, July 20, 2007 - 03:34 AM UTC
I have posted this on Aeroscale so that it will get the widest audience possible. As you will see I'm doing it as a blog. I have duplicated it as I believe that we need it on both sites. I also didn't mention on aerosacle that I also have 2 CMK resin 1/72 Buccanears to e built for Brough. They look very good and I hope to do a review.

Earlier this year I was asked if my IPMS branch (our own IPMS Kitmaker, click on my banner or Bulldog badge) would be willing to take on the refurbishment of a number of large scale models for the Heritage centre at Brough (BAE Systems). I, of course, said yes, but with a few reservations. Building your own model you have the choice as to whether or not you finish it, building for a museum requires a high standard. Refurbishing models for a museum is a whole new ball game, especially if, like these models, they were built many years ago. There is, for me anyway a need to respect the original builder and do the absolute best job possible.
The models, in the main are to 1/24 scale, have been built in wood, and are in verying degrees of repair.
Although our own Derek Bradshaw (widow61) (he works at Brough) had sent me pictures of the models I felt that I need to see them for myself before agreeing to take on the task of refurbishment. So yesterday I took the day off work and went to have a look. I came away with this beast, a Blackburn Botha. It is to 1/24 Scale and has a wingspan of some 740mm and a fuselage length of about 660mm. Far to big to fit in my photo booth, as you will see.
More pictures here

As you will see the model will require a total strip of the paint and I will try and remove the filler which looks like it is "Polyfiller" (wall crack filler in the UK) as it is cracking itself. The canopy needs removing, cleaning up and replacing and the port nav light cover will have to be made as will a new Pito tube. The biggest problem will be the propeller blades but it will raise my skill bar to produce them. I am still trying to source a suitable primer, what I mean by that is that I'm looking for a donation of primer in rattle cans as the cost of buying Hannants primer is prohibitive. I will be asking Hannants if they would like to donate some, or I have been told of a source of cheap primer.

The very good news, on the paint front, is that White Ensign Models (WEM) have agreed to supply paint, from their Colourcoats range for this project. Thank you very much John Snyder for this because without this generous donation I would not have been able to take on the project.

I haven't a clue how long the Botha will take to complete, but I'm hoping to have it done by Scale Modelworld in November. It can then be displayed on the branch stand for our "Made in Britain" theme, plus it will give WEM some deserved publicity as well as the Heritage Centre at Brough.

Next up will likely be this monster which, as you can see, is half again as big as the Botha. Anyone know what it is? The hull is retracted.