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56th FG Zemkes Wolfpack
The Outstanding P-47 Fighter Group Of WW2.
P47-M Colours. 61st FS/56th FG
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Posted: Sunday, August 17, 2014 - 07:09 PM UTC
Hi, when browsing web and looking info about Gabreski's plane I found another black vs. blue discussion at the different forum (unfortunately I do not remember it). There was part of interview with guy from the ground personnel. If I remember correctly, he told that they had to paint planes with black. BUT when they had not enough black paint, they added different dark colors from the stock (OD, dark blue...) into the black. So at the end some planes were black with bluish, purplish or OD-ish hue. And even single plane could have black areas of the different hue.
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Posted: Tuesday, December 30, 2014 - 02:55 AM UTC
actually...the I know the person who owns the original color slide of this image. He should know. He took the photo from his P47M...of his buddy flying...I have seen the slide. Yes, he signed it in the lower right. Yes..I am having dinner with him tomorrow..or he might drive his car to meet me for lunch. 93 yrs old..sharp as a tack..upright and mobile...amazing memory... Cant wait for the new 56h book to come out!! And it wasn't black..its a british dark blue worn in the air stream....as you see others are shinny dark blue..what it was really cannot be captured by the speed of color film at that time. Cheers.