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Dioramas: Buildings & Ruins
Ruined buildings and city scenes.
Hosted by Darren Baker
Somewhere North
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Posted: Thursday, November 09, 2017 - 02:43 AM UTC
Hello model builders.

While you all have been actively posting and building great stuff, well...I've been building a little, posting very little, and working too much....What I have been working on as a dio is inspired by a package kit I purchased a while ago. A Takom T-55 AMV with a hauler - for a good price. I didn't have particular interest or knowledge of the T-55 AMV; it was just a good deal.

Eventually I tried to find out about the tank, and found that it is playing a pretty prominent role in Syria today - for all sides tho...and in many geographies and circumstances. It appears to be able to withstand all sorts of surface damage and keep going:

Above is an SSA example, but I found just as many from the FSA, Peshmerga (many pics of the Peshmerga versions being moved on lowboys) and many others that I'm not at all familiar with.

During my search I also came across the image below - I don't know what it's doing as I can't read most of the language on the web site - so I won't show it all. As I don't know what's actually going on in the pic, I won't speculate. Some time ago I built a dio focused on SOCOM / Peshmerga events - the Battle of Debecka Pass, which is a clearly documented event, so , I suspect it not altogether impossible to see these two together in other events, and the hypothetical subject of this dio.

The pic did say Northern Syria spring 2017 in English - I've since cropped all that off - the point instead is the vehicle and era:

Sadly, there are also many images of the destruction that's occurring in this general area....which I'm drawing from for this project:


Below, you'll see some of what I've built so far - first up, T55 number 1:

As some of you know, I'm not an armor expert at all - and usually build soft skins - but - this was fun build! I've posted some of the work over on Mike Koenig's Conversions Blog - around pages 15 and 16 - along with a few of this:

This is the new version of the GMV - for reference I used Rob Skipper's resource CD - which is great, and appears to be very close to the vehicle in the pic - note the right rear spare mount.

I've also been working on buildings along one side of a street:

Above - I tried to keep this fairly simple and focused on the end result - some of you might remember a build I did a while ago - "Big Punch Big Push" - the D9R and Bradley working through an urban neighborhood - the layers of debris in this context are multiple - and, unlike reality, don't get applied at once...so...patience (and keep it random - thanks to Romain and Jerry for the tip/requirement on that!!)...and I keep adding layers of debris, paint, pumice gel, paint, pigment, wire...and so on....

And then, attached it to some ground plane:

And, while lots has happened...nowhere near done!! haha - more debris, pigment, trash....and so on...the truck isn't glued -

And, to keep from getting burned out on debris, I'm making another AMV! I of course couldn't find the right kit at the time
so I'm converting a different Takon kit - adding the ERA blocks etc - less easy done than said, but a fun build:

The ERA blocks are attached to framing - as I didn't get the AMV kit - I built the framing out of evergreen - the blocks are from Minimarm

and Etch from Aber and Eduard.

So, that's what I'm up to these days - thanks for having a look!