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Builds for 2007
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Posted: Saturday, July 14, 2007 - 11:06 PM UTC
Hi guys,

Projects foir this year and leading into the future include.


Continue on the Pier 51 build.
Continue on the Nan Red build
Continue on the IG Normandy build

none of which I expect to finish this year lol, lol. although I hope to get the ground work laid for both Pier 51 and the IG dio before Christmas.

Kit wise - all 1/35

Coal Crane
Goods wagon
Mobile Canteen
Another Churchill AVRE or two
Centaur Dozer conversion
M4A4 AVR MK 1 conversion
Cromwell AVR conversion
4 x Bren Carrier conversions 2 x deep wading and 1 x MG and 1 x 3"mtr
M32B Recovery AVR
Tasca Firefly with engine
2/3 x Humber scout Cars
1 x AA Staghound which wiill probably turn into 2/3 when the Italeri and Bronco kits come out.
Italeri LVT and the new one if the Brits used it
KY2 Ambukance
Humber Box
M7 Priest connversion
A number of Italeri trucks
2 x LRDG truck another long term project
A couple of Italian and German vehicles for future projects
and more figures that you can shake a stick at lol lol.

Finish off and stock with figs stowage about 5 Shermans that are almost done and if I get time start the Itaeri ELCO boat.

I assume a Bailey Bridge will get added to the pile before too long, I've been drooling over the AA X Craft and also their Fire truck for some time and Gordon's Churchill Mk III looks inviting.

I need to re-visit and re-vamp a couple of the LC I did at the very beginning of all this.

Not this year but maybe next lol, lol.