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  Colorado, United States

Occupation: Attorney
Interests: Kinda spread out. Aircraft, armor, ships. Focus on WWII and Israeli.
Username: MichaelSatin


About MichaelSatin
I started modeling before I was 10 and have been going ever since. Oddly, I don't seem to be getting any better. Hmm... I do mostly WWI and WWII aircraft and early jets but I also emphasize Israeli subjects. I've been known to branch out into armor and ships as well as an occasional spacecraft of one sort or another, variety helps keep things interesting.

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My Awards

1945 Campaign award:
Armor of the American Civil War ribbon: This award signifies that the recipient successfully completed the 2016-17 Armor of the American Civil War Campaign
Battle of Britain 75 ribbon: This award signifies sucessful completion of the Battle of Britain 75 Campaign.
Battle of Midway, 1942 Campaign: This award signifies this person completed the
Blood Order of the Kiwi: The award signifies that the bearer did take part and complete the tasks assigned for the Wingnut Wings Group Build or 2009 - 10.  The wearer was known to be among the happy few that served together to hone their skills and offer encouragement to other team members.  With dedication did infact use every chance to put all that could be done into a good build.
Bomber Fighters ribbon:
Canvas Falcons I: 1914-15:
China-Burma-India Campaign Ribbon: This ribbons signifies that this person completed the 2016-17 China-Burma-India Campaign
Double Trouble WWII Twins: This award signifies that the owner has completed a build in the Double Trouble WWII Twin Engine Campaign
Edgar Brooks Memorial Spitfire Campaign Award: RAF DFC ribbon with E.B. on it in gold
Enterprise Campaign: This award signifies the holder completed the Enterprise Campaign.
Hot Wars of the Cold War Campaign ribbon: Cold War map
IDF award:
Jeeps Campaign:
Korean War Campaign on KitMaker Network Award: This award is bestowed upon those who have kept the memory of the Korean War alive by building models of that Conflict in the Korean War Campaign of 2011. It represents a tiger face on the ribbon of the official Korean War Service Medal of the Republic of Korea.
KotS III award: The holder of this award is known to have stayed the course to sweep all competition from the field. That the project that had laid unfinished is done. The inprogress build was completed and the new project was daringly accomplished.
Night Fighter campaign ribbon: A night fighter catches his prey on his radar scope and prepares to attack.
Only Shermans: This ribbon is awarded to those that complete the Only Shermans Campaign!
Operation Fall Gelb 1940: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Fall Gelb 1940 Campaign
Osprey Duel Campaign award: This award is granted to modelers who have participated in and completed the KitMaker University Campaign based on the Osprey Duel series of books
Sands of Israel: This award signifies this person completed the
Six Day War 50th Anniversary Campaign ribbon: This ribbon signifies that this modeler completed the 2017 Six Day War Anniversary Campaign
Soviet Phoenix Campaign Ribbon: This ribbon signifies that the modeler has successfully completed the 2016-17 Soviet Phoenix campaign
SpitFire / SeaFire Ribbon:
The Sign of the Four Campaign ribbon:
Then and Now Award: This award signifies this person completed the Aeroscale
Thunder and Lightning Campaign Award:
Torpedo boat ribbon: This ribbon signifies that the holder has completed the Model Shipwrights 2013 Torpedo Boat Campaign
Total Tamiya: This award signifies this person completed the
Western Front/ETO Campaign Award: This award signifies the recipient has completed the Western Front/ETO Campaign