Home Made Folder Board

I didn't invent anything here. I've just tried to reproduce some tools you find on the market and I've done it for less than 10 Euros (around $13).
all you will need
I bought all I need in a supermarket, image 1.

The supplies are:
  • - 1 cutting board (25cm x 15cm)
  • - 1 metallic ruler
  • - 1 sheet of transparent plastic
  • - 1 piece of strip styre Evergreen
  • - Some screws (diam. 3mm)

I ) The folder for P.E.
I used my cutting board (image 2) as a base for all my "tools".

I've cut my ruler down to adjust it to my board (14cm), image 3.

My ruler is lightly round on its rear side so it will be easier to make it move and squeezing my P.E.

I've drilled 2 holes to fit 2 screws with nuts to help grip the pieces to fold, image 4.

And here it is in image 5 and in use in image 6.

II ) My "punch and die"
This tool makes an easy way to make some plastic disks of 1 , 1.5 , 2 , 2.5 mm in diameter.

From my transparent plastic sheet, image 7...

...I cut 2 plaques (3 x 4 cm), image 8.

I draw holes, which need to be drilled. See image 9.

I've used scotch tape to fix it during the drilling, image 10.

And here is my "punch and die" ready to be assembled, image 11.

Insert the screws and one washer, image 12...

First plaque, image 13...

One washer is used to help to hold the second plaque, image 14,

And the second plaque is held down by 4 wing nuts, image 15,

I've identified the different diameters by colors and markings, image 16,

The different colors correspond to different size rivets, which I've cut at the end to ‘square them up’, image 17.

To use it: slide a piece of plastic card between the 2 plaques and tighten screws, image 18...

...and cut it !

III ) The " handle folder"
To be able to fold copper wire or aluminum strip etc. to make grab handles I've built some calibers.
Using styrene strip (2.5 x 40) I've cut 2 pieces and glue them together, image 20 and 21.

My first part is for uneven calibers (1, 3, 5 and 7 mm) and the second part for even one (2, 4, 6 and 8 mm), image 22.

For each section there is a little hollow/hole to put the wire in during the folding, image 23.

The numbers on left side show the size of the handle

Very easy to do!

And here is my "folder board" which I hope will be useful for you.

Disclaimer: this “how to” article is for personal and recreational purpose only and the finished product is not for sale. It is not my intention to break any registered copyright
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About Pierre Piwi (piwi)

Hi, I'm Pierre alias Piwi, 51 years old. I live in Lille, a big town in the north of France. I'm in French Army I practice modelling since 10 years old but I stopped for a while (around 12 years) a little time before joining Army. My favourite goes to UK WWII vehicles in 1/35th scale.