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 General Modeling
MISSION: Apprentice Guild Excercises (A.G.E.)            


  MISSION:Apprentice Guild Excercises (A.G.E.)
  START DATE:January 1st, 2004
  ENDS:March 31st, 2004
  ADDITIONAL INFO/IMAGES:Click here to view
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

AGE Campaign #1
This award signifies that this Jr. aged Armorama member participated in the first Armorama AGE campaign. Jan-March 2004.

Operational Overview
This campaign is for young modelers, seventeen and younger.

The mission? (1) To promote military modeling, (2) show off your modeling skills, and (3) to have fun!!!

Armorama and the A-Guard is sponsoring this campaign for young modelers. As part of this campaign you have the opportunity to build one military model of your choice. The model can be any Armor, Aircraft, Naval, SCI Fi, Figure, or Dio subject that you like, and can be a military model from any time period and nationality.

If you need some modeling tips or help on your model, ask the following A-Guard members for advice, (they're here to help!).

Drill Instructor (DI) - "Keenan”, (a.k.a. Shaun) – Shaun can provide support on all military topics.
Drill Instructor (DI) - “Warlock0322”, (a.k.a. Paul) - Paul provides air, naval, and armor support.
Drill Instructor (DI) - “Jrnelson”, (a.k.a. Jeff) - Jeff provides armor support.
Drill Instructor (DI) - “Animal”, (a.k.a. Dave) - Dave provides softskin & Vietnam era support.

“Merlin”, (a.k.a. Rowan) is the Campaign's "Technical Officer" (TO). Merlin will be responsible for publishing photos, and helping campaign participants with technical issues.

This Campaign's Commanding Officer (CO) is – “WeWillHold”, (a.k.a. Steve). Steve is responsible for the Campaign's organization and will answer any questions you may have.

The Rules and Regs
(1) Participating modelers must be 17 and under.
(2) The model must be built straight out of the box with no aftermarket or scratch items.
(3) One model submission per participant.

Contest Element
At the close of the campaign, Staff Jim will initiate a “vote” system where the general Armorama membership can vote for their three favorite models based on the pictures displayed in the campaign gallery.

The model receiving the most votes receives the 1st place award, the model receiving the second most votes receives the 2nd place award, and the model receiving the third most votes receives the 3rd place award.

1st Place Award – a Silver A-Guard Membership, a $20 gift certificate, and a special Campaign Ribbon designated 1st place in their profile. The Silver A-Guard membership, (a $25 value), provides the winner with 25mb of image storage space on Armorama’s PhotoPost image gallery, an A-Guard Silver Team unit identification on the recipient’s user profile and forum postings, inclusion on the Armorama Supporters Roster, and access to the A-Guard Members Forum.

2nd Place Award - a $20 Gift certificate, and the special Campaign Ribbon designated 2nd place in their profile.

3rd Place Award - the special Campaign Ribbon designated 3rd place in their profile.

All modeler’s participating in the campaign, and submitting a completed model will receive a general campaign ribbon.

Campaign Debriefing
Our first AGE guild campaign is now complete. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out with this first AGE event. I would like to announce the winners (sorry for the delay).

3rd Place (with 13 votes)
Antonio (Bus)

2nd Place (with 24 votes)
John Burt (Pnzr-cmdr)

1st Place (with 38 votes)
Ralph Emerson M. Dabao (shonen_red)