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MISSION: Ladies Campaign            


  MISSION:Ladies Campaign
  START DATE:October 1st, 2008
  ENDS:December 29th, 2008
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Operational Overview
Greetings all . A new contest will be starting up in the fall time here on Kitmaker that involves all sites . The contest will be for Lady modelers , only the girls will be aloud to enter ( sorry guys ) The idea of this has been shared with the staff who give full support on this . It has also been shared with other female modelers and they are up for it as well .
The mission here is for everyone to have fun . Other things are also in the works depending on the success on this contest . So I need about 10 ladies or more . The contest will begin on Oct 01/08 and ending on Dec29/08 . This should be amply time to have your subjects completed . Voting will start on the 31 of Dec / 08 .

The Rules and Regs
This is how this will work :
1. Only female modelers are aloud to enter .
2. The guys will be the judges , so no one is left out . This will be left for the guys to decide on how they want to go about this .
3. Females are not aloud to vote .
4. The contest will follow site rules .
5. All skill levels are welcome , you can be a beginner or advance .
6. All subjects are welcomed . Not everyone is in to the same thing . This will inclued scale as well .
7. For a different twist each person who enters will post 5 kits upon signing up . other members will choose the subject . Once your subject has been chosen you can not change it .
8. You can use any aftermarket parts that you want . Or it can be OOB . remember you must have your photo's in by the closing date .
9.You can not use a model that is already done .

Contest Element
Our beloved Rowan ( Merlin ) and Mark ( Gunny ) have made the offer of sponsoring the prize's . Prize's will be as following
First place for best model .
Second place for out standing job .
Third place for most improved .
This is subject to change depending on how many ladies sign up for the contest and what the staff deicides .
If you have questions just ask

I would like to Thank Rowan , Mark and Chuck for their aid in this . Thanks Guys !


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