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OPERATION: Knights of the Sky (KotS) II            


  OPERATION:Knights of the Sky (KotS) II
  SCALE:1:144 To 1:24
  START DATE:February 1st, 2012
  ENDS:September 14th, 2012
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Kights of the Sky II
The holder of this award is known to have stayed the course to sweep all competition from the field. That the project that had laid unfinished is done. The inprogress build was completed and the new project was daringly accomplished.

Operational Overview
Historically Group Builds help the individual modeler & the community as a whole.
A. It usually provides information that one modeler knows but another may not.
B. Campaign ribbons are a mark of participation.
C. The modeler has a chance to push or stretch their talents and improve skills. In this case if you plane to enter an inprogress build it will be required to add at least one inscale figure modeled in attire of the time and venue.
D. New builds do not have the figure requirement.
E. All finished builds will be mentioned to the relevant kit manufacturer in an email. Posted images in the image gallery and build logs in Early Aviation forum will be used to show them the work. It is upto the manufacturers to respond.

The Rules and Regs
1. For the Aeroscale "Knights of the Sky II" GB 2012 and we will open it to:
a. All aviation builds upto 1934.
b. All vendors.
c. All scales.
d. New have the option be finished for this GB with scale figure(s) incorporated into the build.
e. In progress builds must be finished for this GB with scale figure(s)incorporated into the build.
f. Unfinished hangar queens must be finished for this GB with scale figure(s)incorporated into the build.
g. Injection moulded.
h. Vacuform plastic.
i. Resin, metal paper or wood. The components can be any combination thereof.
j. Kit conversions.
k. OOB.
l. Super detailed.
m. Prototypes or main production versions.
n. Colour scheme from a real historical subject and relevant to your build.
o. The build cannot have been used in another GB.

2. It must be a real example of an Early Aviation subject up to 1934.

3. Each participant will submit a build thread (in Early Aviation title) a blog with images. Historical images of the original aircraft are a must to include. If the content meets conditions it will be considered for submission to Aeroscale for publishing as a front page Feature. A gallery will be set up for finished builds to be posted.

4. It will run from February 1st to August 31st 2012.

Contest Element
5. A campaign ribbon will be offered on completion.

6. Manufacturers will be approached and asked to honour the builder who uses their products in this GB build. There are no guarantees in this arena.

7. A gift of a new hobby item will be provided for the best aviation subject, best figure, creative presentation. All Aeroscale Staffers are excluded from the awards.


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