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 General Modeling
OPERATION: DeathRace 2014            


  OPERATION:DeathRace 2014
  SCALE:1:6 To 1:35
  START DATE:March 5th, 2014
  ENDS:August 5th, 2014
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Deathrace 2014
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Operational Overview
This is a 5 month campaign for Deathmobiles. Basically, something you'd drive to work in or race and never worry about the traffic around you!
Some examples are anything from the Mad Max series, Deathrace 2000, James Bond series, Animal Houses' armored Lincoln, any of the Batmobiles, Speed Racer, games like Carmageddon and Car Wars, etcetera. Scratch builds/ Kit-bashes are highly encouraged.

Any civilian car, truck, or motorcycle
1/6 to 1/35 scale
Modified for combat in any way you want; guns, armor, rams, spikes, tracks, rocket launchers; use your IMAGINATION (and clean out your spares boxes along the way).

Change what you have, modify a half-built kit, use the '56 Chevy you brush-painted when you were 7, clean out your scrap bin and glue it all together! We don't care as long as it's creative, cool, and will help you get to the Finish line in one piece.

The Rules and Regs
The Rules are:
1. Your 1/6 to 1/35 scale DeathRace entry must have something in contact with dirt as its primary mode of movement. One wheel, tracks, mechanical legs, a rolling ball, whatever. Building an Amphibian or flying car is fine though.

2. No military Vehicles or "Technicals". Parts from them are fair game.

3. Anyone attempting "Implied" weaponry will be used for Pedestrian Target Practice. Building a Showroom ready Ferrari and implying that it has guns and a smokescreen is lame and everybody knows it. Show us the goods! If you decide to build a Bond DB-5, at least show the MGs sticking out from behind the marker lights.

4. No time-stamped entry photos are necessary or wanted. If you're more interested in a rectangle of pixels than building a unique model maybe you need to re-think your values in life.

5. Have fun and share your joy and creativity with your fellow modelers. Minimum of 3 build posts in the forum but we'd all like to see more. 2 Finish pics in the Gallery.

Contest Element
Build as much as you want! One Ribbon per person!


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