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In-Box Review
1:48 OFAB-100
Eduard Brassin 1:48 OFAB-100 High Explosive Fragmentation Bomb
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by: Paul Cotcher [ REDSTAR ]

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The OFAB-100 is a 100kg high-explosive fragmentation bomb employed by Russian aircraft. This is your basic modern Russian "iron" bomb. Roughly equivalent to a US Mk.81 250 pound bomb. These small bombs are commonly carried on the MBD family of multiple ejector racks (Aerobonus makes a nice one should you be seeking an add-on), and used on types such as the Su-17, Su-24, Su-30, MiG-27 and other attack types.

What's Included

The set from Eduard includes six bombs, cast in resin. Each bomb is built from three sections: the main warhead, the tail cone and the tail fins. Casting is on par with Eduard's usual excellent standard. A small decal set is also included with the very basic stencils appropriate to the bombs.

The only downside to this set is the packaging, and the way the fins are cast. Out of the six sets of fins, two had broken fins. At least one is visible in the pack floating around, but it will be a difficult fix. That said, Eduard's customer service is exemplary, arguably the very best in the entire scale modeling industry, and replacement parts should be easy to receive (with the understandable wait for shipping time).

Assembly Notes

Assembly for these could not be simpler. Two areas to watch out for. First will be separating the fin section from the casting block. With careful and slow cutting with a micro-razor saw (such as the UMM blade) should release the part with no hassle and only minimal clean-up required.

The next trick will be getting the warhead and tail cone joined seamlessly. The trick here is having the outside edges of each part join seamlessly. Flat sanding is a trick, as that can introduce an angle to the part and end up with misalignment.

I'll share a trick here that I learned that can be helpful. Cut the part off with the casting mount still attached to the part. Next use a dremel with a find grinding bit to remove the material inside the casting attachment. Grind down just below the surface of the part. Leave only a thin ring of the casting mount attached to the part. the edge of the actual part will be left in tact, and should be made as to match the other part. carefully remove the last "ring" of casting block debris with a knife or razor saw. Do this to both pieces. If you do it right, you'll end up with no interference in joining the parts and a clean joint with the two "edges." Will try to take a couple of pictures to illustrate the process.
Highs: Best in class detail, easy assembly, no "seams" as would be characteristic of plastic parts in a kit.
Lows: Some breakage in the delicate fins
Verdict: Used everywhere, these are great add-ons for your next project's ordnance. Added to a MDB rack, they really add character to the finished model!
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  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 648126
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 06, 2014

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