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In-Box Review
MiG-29 9-13 Exterior
Eduard 48 787 MiG-29 9-13 Exterior Photo etch detail set
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by: Paul Cotcher [ REDSTAR ]

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What's Included

What you get in the set is one fret of photo etch parts approximately 5" x 2". The set contains roughly 35 photo-etch elements some of which are duplicated. A simple one page ( two sided) instruction sheet shows where each part is to be applied. Specific detail included (but not limited to):

- Auxilliary intake vents
- Nose wheel well inside surface details
- Afterburner liners and details
- Airbrake interior details
- FOD bypass door replacements
- Nose wheel FOD screen
- Scissor links (for all gear struts)
- Landing light mounts
- Missile rail details

Missile rail details will only be visible if the model is displayed without missiles attached. Afterburner details are necessary unless a resin set of replacement afterburner details are utilized.

Do I Want It?

This set is a nice upgrade for the already outstanding Great Wall Hobby kit. The GWH kit is a superb model with excellent details out of the box. As a result, there have been few aftermarket sets released for the kit, and no resin upgrades. As I have noted in other photo etch reviews, I find the exterior upgrades the most useful as those are the most visible and the details most suited for photo etch.

As a result, this set is a perfect upgrade to the GWH kit as it supplements the superb detail in the kit. Modelers also don't have to worry about a resin set (at least so far) outclassing what's included in this set.
Highs: Perfect supplemental details for an already great model kit. Upgrades are impactful and visible on the finished model.
Lows: Missile rail details are not needed if the model is to be displayed with missiles.
Verdict: Great details for a great kit - really not much else to say!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 48787
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 06, 2014

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