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German Heavy Generator
German Heavy Generator Sd.Ah.24
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

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The Schwerer Maschinensatz A or Heavy Type A Field Generator (Sd.Ah.24) was in wide use by the German war machine in the Second World War. This was a large towable generator that was used for a variety of uses.

PlusModel, from the Czech Republic that are makers of fine cast resin accessories and conversions, gives us the 1/48th scale German Heavy Generator Sd.Ah.24. This is a cast resin kit with some photo etch and a small decal sheet. The following is included with the kit:


  • 31 – Grey colored cast resin parts
  • 1 – Photo etch parts sheet
  • 2 – Pieces of soldering wire
  • 1 – Decal sheet
  • 1 – Set of instructions


This kit comes in a standard side opening box with all of the parts sealed in Ziploc type baggies all placed into a bubble wrap baggie. There is a total of thirty one resin parts to this kit. After taking a close look at all of the parts I noticed these were cast cleanly and crisply. There were no air bubbles present on any of the parts. As with most cast resin parts, there is some flash associated with the parts; however, most of this flash can be easily removed with the touch of a finger and there would be only a light sanding required to get the parts ready for construction.

All of these resin parts come attached to their casting blocks and all parts are numbered for designation within the instructions. Removal from the cast blocks, in most cases, only requires scoring the joint between the part and the block a few times on each side and the part will separate. Some of these parts are extremely delicate and care in preparing and installing the parts should be made.

After looking through some reference sites for this particular generator, I found this is an excellent rendition of the original generator. In some cases there is optional equipment and/or modifications but for all intents and purposes this is a detailed version of the generator and trailer combo. There is only one option to the square side storage containers whereas these are in the closed position. In some cases this field generator would have these containers open without lids or even in some cases fuel can racks were placed in the same location.

The trailer is typical of the Sd.Ah.24 in regards to the framing and axel placement. There are a few of the photo etch parts supplied to enhance the detailed on and under the trailer. There is three wheels (one onboard spare) included with this set and are cast exceptionally well. The generator has the option of where one side door can be depicted open or closed as well as the rear door but as seen on the box art, there is a decent amount of detail to be seen with the door on of the doors in the open position.

There are two lengths of soldering wire supplied with this set. There are two purposes to these wires. First is for the construction of the forward handles that were attached to the trailer. The second use of the soldering wire is to construct power leads running from the generator and the trailer tongue stand support.

There is a small sheet of photo etch with this kit. There are a total of fifty-three parts to this sheet; brackets, handles, controls and a faceplate for the interior section of the operating panel of the generator. PlusModel also supplies this kit with a small decal sheet. There are a few decals to show the interior control dials but mostly exterior marking and insignia allowing two options; Dunkelgelb and Dunkelgrau coloring.

The instructions are laid out over an eight page booklet form. The drawing is an isometric exploded format. Often the arrows are a bit deceiving as to the placement of the parts but taking your time and with photo references this is easy to overcome. The last page shows the decal placement in accordance to the color depiction chosen.


After taking some time to get this one together, I found the parts are fairly easy to work with. The removal of the parts from the cast blocks were just as expected and cleaned up just as well. There was a bit more flash in the wheel openings than what I first noticed but was quickly dealt with a sharp hobby knife.

I will suggest that all of the handles for the various doors (which there are extras included in this set) are a little fiddly to work with being in ¼ scale and should be placed into position near the end of construction as these will undoubtedly be knocked off throughout the construction. It is also advisable to take care in removing the wheel wells from the cast block as the edges of the fenders are extremely thins and can chip. One last note would be not to make the same mistake I did. In haste, I started to clean the trailer frame and inadvertently removed the trailer tongue plate thinking it was a piece of flash left over from casting. This was an easy fix with some thin flat styrene stock.


I think this German Heavy Generator Sd.Ah.24 from PlusModel is a fantastic little accessory piece for the ¼ scale modeler. This generator was a part of most units and deployed on all fronts. The cast parts are made very well and detailed nicely. The photo etch is a great touch to the set bringing the level of detail way up on this kit. This is a plus for any ¼ scale building project that needs one of the Heavy Type-A Generators.


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Highs: A cleanly molded highly detailed ¼ scale version of the German Heavy Generator Sd.Ah.24
Lows: The instructions could be a little cleared in explanation and possibly adding a longer length of wire for running external links.
Verdict: This is an exceptionally well made resin kit that will build up nicely to a great looking model of this mobile generator.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:48
  Mfg. ID: 4014
  Suggested Retail: $38.20 US
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 24, 2014

Our Thanks to Plus Model!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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