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In-Box Review
Fallschirmjäger Brass Helmets
WW2 Fallschirmjäger Brass Helmets
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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SKP Model have a record of releasing some interesting and diverse products and what I have received from them to look at today is no different. SKP Model has released a set of five World War 2 Fallschirmjäger brass helmets.


On one of the typical SKP Model backing cards, you get five pressed Fallschirmjäger brass helmets and a photo etched fret, these are protected by a piece of formed clear plastic sheet.


We have seen brass helmets for 1/35th scale figures before, but I cannot remember them having been WW2 Fallschirmjäger helmets, SKP Model felt that it was time this was rectified. The five, what I believe to be pressed brass helmets look good scale wise, and the figure I have tried one on, looks good. But why metal helmets? Well scale wise the thickness is better and modellers seem to love bling, even if no one knows it’s there but the modeller. The real benefit of these helmets is seen when they are not worn or they are being carried, as inside the helmets you are provided with photo etched helmet liners and straps.

The helmet liners will require some careful manipulation, as they need to curved and then shaped into a circle, not the easiest thing to do, but I believe in some cases will be worth the effort. One thing that jumps out at me straight away is that there are five helmets and five sets of straps, but there are only four liners! I suspect that this is an oversight on the part of SKP Model and that it will I suspect be rectified in the near future, however I will need to clarify that.

The strapping for the helmets looks to be very well rendered and even has raised detail for the buckles. The problem comes in that these pieces of photo etch are not obvious as to where they exactly belong, as no instructions are included with the product; there is a very good and clear instructional drawing on the SKP Model website, however someone picking these up in a store will not necessarily have access to the internet and so the product may be devalued for them. I would really like to see the instructions for this product included with the product.


This is a very nice product for those modellers that have a need to show a helmet on the ground, or perhaps being carried and used for transporting some found chicken eggs or such; used in place on a figure the strapping comes into its own, as it does appear to be accurate. Why there are more helmets and straps than there are liner’s is an odd one, but I stick to the belief that it’s an oversight. The price of €13.99 stings a little for five helmets, but then again I am sure we have all purchased more expensive bling for our vehicles and it is about time the figure modellers got a chance to do the same.

Clarification from SKP Model

Having communicated with SKP Model about the missing helmet liner, I have been informed that it was so that one of the helmets could be displayed on a belt or on a table or the ground where a liner would not be seen.
Highs: This product opens up more possibilities for telling a story in a vignette or diorama, and has those extra little details that modellers love.
Lows: More helmets and straps than liners.
Verdict: If the inside of the helmet is going to be seen, then this set is for you.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: SKP 244
  Suggested Retail: €13.99
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 10, 2014

Our Thanks to SKP Model!
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nice item and good review Darren, I should get some of these!
JUL 10, 2014 - 10:08 AM
These look great and I am glad for them. However, it does seem odd that they intend for one helmet to be right-side up - any plastic piece can do that!
JUL 11, 2014 - 09:21 AM

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