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In-Box Review
Japanese SUV
Takom Japanese-Made SUV
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by: Brian O'Donoghue [ BRIAN638 ]

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This release by Takom appears to be very similar to a second generation Mitsubishi Pajero these vehicles were manufactured from 1991 up to 1999, however they are still being produced in India. This is Takoms second civilian vehicle and is likely to be warmly welcomed by many in the modelling community. This vehicle will compliment many recent releases and will fit well alongside the pickups released by Meng Model. This is once again a kerbside model meaning that it does not feature an engine. Once again Takom supply a single figure this time it is a standing female wearing ‘fatigues’ her head is covered with a scarf and she has a pistol in a holster. She appears to be either using a mobile phone or fixing her makeup.


  • 1 Body Shell
  • 1 Tan Sprues
  • 1 Clear Sprue
  • 1 Small Decal Sheet
  • 4 Rubber/Vinyl Tyres
  • 1 Instruction Book


Construction comprises of 19 simple stages (not 21 as per the instructions) there are a few important points that should be watched for. Construction begins with the wheels and ideally these should be painted an set to one side prior to painting the body shell. The front wheels steer and the front suspension comprises of the distinctive sump guard seen on this type of vehicle. Once the chassis is complete attention turns to the interior, there rear seats and the rear cargo compartment are moulded as a single piece, and there is a centre console that includes the hand brake, gear stick and the low/high range selector. The front seats are comprised of three pieces and the dashboard has separate instrument cowls, passenger grab handle and the steering column with steering wheel.

Assembly of the body begins at Stage 10 the modeller will be adding the windows, rear view mirror, windscreen and sunroof. Do not forget that it may well be easier to paint the body assembly prior to installing the windows etc. Stages 15 and 16 deal with the front doors and the large rear door note the rear window (C12) must be secured to part B3 prior to adding B1. There is the option for displaying the doors open or closed but they are not operable. Final detailing adds the side steps and the mud flaps, the figure is dealt with in this last stage.

Painting and finishing

Painting instructions are detailed throughout the instructions with all paint references indicated in Tamiya paints. The instructions deal with a single two tone example in white and silver, this vehicle has been seen in many different colour schemes so the modeller has a wide choice of schemes. This vehicle could easily be portrayed as a ‘Press/TV’ with the typical markings, with some work it could be converted to an armoured SUV. The options are potentially unlimited as they have been seen in many countries being used by different users; Red Cross, UN or a militia vehicle.


A very welcome release from Takom who seem to have listened to want modellers want to see in plastic, the figure is a little odd but Takom are known for figures that are different. The rear passenger doors are moulded closed but I feel that this could have compromised the strength of the body shell and potentially increased the cost. The spare tyre is possibly the low point as it is simply a cover without any wheel detail on the inside (the top portion is visible through the rear window). Another highly recommended release from Takom.
Highs: It’s 1/35, a recent SUV, front doors open as does the rear cargo door
Lows: Back doors are moulded closed, simplified spare tyre cover, no markings
Verdict: Highly recommended to anyone wanting an accurate civilian vehicle.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 2007
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 16, 2014

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