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Tool Review
Paint Rack
Acrylic Model Paints Rack B
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by: James Bella [ C5FLIES ]

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Js Work made its debut into the modeling world around 3 years ago and has since added many, many pages of items to their catalog. Well known for a wide selection of paper products such as foliage, small diorama accessories and paint masks, Js Work also produces some plastic sets and silicone molds and has recently started a tool selection.

paint rack "b" style

Packed flat in a light card box, this set contains 8 black acrylic components to make up a paint rack that will hold 22 small dropper style paints, along with 13 brushes or other tools that will fit. Assembled, the rack measures 9 3/8 wide, 7 1/8 deep and 5 tall, so a fairly small footprint. Assembly takes about 30 seconds and about the same to take it apart. Each piece has a number etched into it which corresponds to the drawing on the box, very simple to assemble.

The paint bottle openings measure 28mm at their widest and will hold dropper style bottles such as Vallejo, AK Interactive, Reaper & K4 as well as True Earth. The K4 is a snug fit and Formula P3 will not fit due to the paper label on the bottles.

The 13 holes on top measure 5mm, so some brushes fit and others will not. These, of course, can be opened up a bit wider with a drill bit or reamer to accommodate some thicker bodied brushes and tools.


Not an innovative design, but another option available. What I really like about this paint rack is that it is made of acrylic, so not only is it easy to clean but durable enough to set up and take apart numerous times. Having limited bench space, and way too many paints to make this style of rack(s) practical, dis-assembly is important to me so that I can use it when needed and store it flat when not in use. Ill pick out the paints needed for a certain task and use this rack to keep them tidy, and when done pack it away.
Highs: Made of acrylic for durability and is quite attractive, can be stored flat when not in use. Fairly small footprint. Especially useful for paint sets.
Lows: Only holds one size, would be nice to have the larger 35mm opening included too.
Verdict: As a temporary paint holder this is really nice, or as a permanent one if very limited size and amount of paints owned.
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  Mfg. ID: PPA6002
  Suggested Retail: ~20 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2014

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