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Tool Review
Airbrush Cleaning Mat
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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The Airbrushs.com have sent Armorama a sample of a new product from Iwata, Iwata have released their very own airbrush cleaning mat, designed to allow you to take your airbrush apart and keep all of the parts together without them coming to harm.


This cleaning matt from Iwata is made of high density foam which has a ridge around it to prevent part falling victim to the carpet monster, the density of the foam prevents parts bouncing to any great degree when dropped onto it. The ridge around the mat is moulded as part of the tray and is deep enough that I am reasonably sure that it will prevent parts dropped onto the mat from leaving the mat. On the back of the mat there is a plastic film that prevents the mat from slipping while in use.

The overall dimensions of the mat are 303 mm x 278mm, the internal dimensions are 287mm x 257mm. the internal work surface is of a good size to work on, allowing the parts to sit safely on the tray while assembling a disassembling your airbrush. Printed on the foam is cutaway drawing of an airbrush which should help with the taking apart and putting together of any airbrush in a generic way.

While the mat is designed specifically for the safe keeping of airbrush parts it could also double up as a way of preventing small model parts from ending up lost and provide enough space to work on in most cases. The high density foam is comfortable to rest your arms on while working on an airbrush or model and this is something about the tray I like. The only thing about this mat that bothers me is the price, not because it is particularly expensive but could I justify the price; I justify the price as it should prevent loss and damage to parts of your airbrush which could cost more than the matt does.


This mat will do what it is supposed to do as regards protecting the parts of your airbrush when it is in pieces, as such due to the cost of a new needle if you bend the tip or lose a part this mat is worthy of consideration and justifies the cost. The size is good and gives you plenty of room to work on your airbrush both taking it apart and putting it together.
Highs: I like the idea behind this mat as someone who has been frustrated by losing or damaging a part of my airbrush in the past.
Lows: The price will deter some from investing in this product.
Verdict: If you can get passed the price I think you will find this mat worth your investment.
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  Mfg. ID: IWCL-200
  Suggested Retail: £19.50
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 30, 2014

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