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Africa Corps Infantry
Africa Corps Infantry WW2 120mm
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by: Randy Pavatte [ DEEPGROOVE ]

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Historicus Forma


My sample came in a sturdy cardboard box, with a photo of the finished figure shown. Inside the box the figure pieces were in a clear zip-loc bag. A business card for Verlinden was also included in the bag. This is presumably for questions, comments, or to order replacement parts.


After opening the box and parts bag, I removed the contents and put them on my work table (1st photo to the right). There is no information provided to know the exact number of pieces, so the box photo and a bit of logic helps here. I arranged the pieces on my table to resemble how and where they would be attached. I concluded all the pieces were there.

As I inspected the pieces, one of my first observations was how cleanly and crisply cast they were. Close inspection of my sample found absolutely no seam lines, or air bubble holes in any part. The resin is a cream color, and pretty hard. Details are excellent, and a quick test of some pieces suggested a good, clean fit.

The box photo helps with placement for the front items, but you may have to use reference material from another source, such as a book or the internet, to properly locate the items he wears on his back. The items included, but not shown, are a gas mask canister, mess kit, and bag.

My next pleasant surprise was in the spectacles. Yes, that’s right. This figure includes glasses.
Not only does the figure come with them, but in true Verlinden fashion you get 3 sets to pick from. Each one is different, and they are tiny photo-etch metal frames on a sprue.

If you choose to use the glasses, the figure will consist of 19 parts after assembly. Everything included will be used except for the spectacle frames you don’t use. I recommend adding them to your parts box.

Every part is attached to a “pour block”. You will have to remove the parts from these. Most are in places that make removing them pretty easy, but in every case care needs to be used. I use a hobby saw and sharp blade to remove them, then clean up with sanding sticks and files. Take extra time and care with this step, as the hardness of the resin makes tiny parts delicate and brittle (2nd photo).


Assembly is pretty basic, with almost everything having a clear place to attach. The next thing I noticed that impressed me was the thought put into the separation of parts. For instance, on the arm carrying the gun, the hand is already holding the clip, for more realism. The gun attaches to the top of the clip. Also, that hand attaches to the arm right where the figure is wearing a wristwatch. Such consideration is appreciated, and helps make assembly easier.

It's advised to test-fit parts before gluing them. The placement of both arms is critical, as they must clear items on the figure’s body. I test-fit pieces, and found there would be a sizable gap from right arm to body when properly located. This is extremely important for a good fit of the key body parts, and the alignment of parts attached later.

With both shoes attached to the lower torso, the lower and upper torso joined, and the arms attached and gaps filled, this is looking like a great figure. The head is placed, but not glued yet. I prefer to paint it separately (3rd photo).

Now that the basic body is assembled, I can begin the painting process. I prefer to paint small parts separately, and attach them afterwards.


Here’s the finished figure (photos to the right). This is a great model, with a nice pose and fantastic sculpting. Extra touches like holding his canteen, rather than it being attached like so many others, and the added option of spectacles, really make this kit stand out. The consideration in attachment points (for instance, gun hand to arm attaches at wrist watch) make attachment for beginner modelers easier. All in all a very satisfying build, but there are some considerations. First, even though I said it already, its worth repeating….test fit key parts before gluing. Specifically I mean the arms, as fit of other items will be affected by this. It may be necessary to fill some areas for the sake of the best fit. Use a modeler’s putty for this. Also, since the only reference photo is on the box, and is a frontal view, it will be necessary to research the location and coloring of kit items on his back. I found this very easy, thanks to the internet. Just type in “Afrika Korps uniforms” and you’ll get plenty of good accurate information. Another point worth mentioning is the photo shows his gun with a strap. This is not included in the kit, but can be created easily enough from a piece of index card or thin lead foil. I made mine from some lead foil. The spectacle frames are a fantastic addition to this kit, but great care is needed in handling them. Being so small they bend easily, so use care and patience when working with them. I added realistic glass lenses to mine with a product named Micro Krystal Klear. It looks like white glue when wet, but dries totally clear.

For my project I wanted him in a scenic element. I created a simple base from plaster, and added scale model grass. The color and texture is based on photos I’ve seen of the north African desert.

This kit, while challenging in some areas, was great fun, and I heartily recommend it. My thanks to Kitmaker.net and Verlinden for the opportunity to write this review.

Highs: Sculpt and casting quality. Attachment points well thought out. Inclusion of photo-etch spectacle frames.
Lows: No gun strap included. Photo of figures back would be helpful.
Verdict: A great figure of the German WW2 Africa Corps in a good pose. Highly recommended, but will be challenging for novice builders.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:16
  Mfg. ID: 2824
  Suggested Retail: $32.95 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jan 13, 2016

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About Randy Pavatte (Deepgroove)

I've just started my 40's, and have been building models for 3/4 of my life. My initial interest was autos and big trucks, but within the last several years I began pursuing military subjects. Since 1/35 is so well represented already, I decided to be different and focus my attention on 1/72 armor ...

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Looks to be a superior figure although I am not a fan of the Verlinden faces.
JAN 13, 2016 - 09:17 AM
120mm, my favorit figure scale. That figure has been on my to buy list in many years. Seeing Randy's beautiful work, have just liftet it further up the list. Thanks for doing this Randy.
JAN 14, 2016 - 12:14 PM

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