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In-Box Review
Honda Civic EF3
Honda Civic EF3 (Group A)
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by: Calvin [ CLUNBB9 ]

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Upon opening the BeeMax model kit, you will find that every one of the sprues is prepackaged in clear bags. For the most part, each bag contains a single sprue with the exception of the larger chassis pieces. Although the parts count isn't extremely high, the details are very good. In this in box review, we will go through each sprue individually.

Sprue A consists mainly exterior parts. The rear wing, bonnet/hood, side door moldings, front and rear bumpers are all molded separately from the main body. One thing to point out is that although the hood is separate from the body, no engine is provided. Perhaps BeeMax will be releasing an optional kit at a later date.

Sprue B is of the clear parts. Side windows, windshield, rear glass as well as the headlight and tail lamp covers. ALl of these parts are blemish free and there is not any distortion in the plastic.

Sprue C is of the tail lamp and headlight backings. These are chrome. The details of the headlight bezel is pretty good. Although there is only so much you can do with 1 single headlight piece, it does a nice job of representing lightbulbs within the housing.

Sprue D & E are the Mugen wheels also in chrome finish. The sprues are clean and the chrome finish is blemish free. The wheels backings are in male form with a dowel like hub.

Sprue F is of the lower chassis, interior floor pan and a few other bits a pieces. The details for the chassis and lower floor pan are spectacular. The individual stamping details on the floor are very nicely depicted.

Sprue G contains the interior door cards, roll cage, seat as well as the brakes. The one thing that seemed to bother me was the overall shape of the seat. The seat seems to be much wider than you would think for a racing seat.

The decals provided are very brightly printed. They are very attractively presented and does a nice job of representing the race car. One thing to make a note of is that instead of painting the window surrounds, Beemax has provided decals for the window surrounds. This maybe a easier option than having to paint the window surrounds.

BeeMax has also produced optional photoetch, decals as well as racing harness for kit. These are for sale separately from the car kit.

Highs: The overall quality of the kit are very high even though parts count isn't necessarily very high.
Lows: The racing seat seems to be a tad unproportional.
Verdict: BeeMax did a very nice job of replicating the Honda Civic EF3.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: No.10
  Suggested Retail: 33.55
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  PUBLISHED: Feb 12, 2017
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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My first car was a 91 Civic 1,5 exi. What a great car that was. Fun to drive and NEVER broke down. Would have been cool if the kit had an otional stock version as well as the race version. Thanks for making a review.
FEB 12, 2017 - 12:06 PM

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