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First Look Review
Ship Modeller Magazine
Issue 1
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

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Model Shipwrights

Ship Modeller Magazine

Issue 1 – February 2017
Published by Inside The Armour Publications
Copyright Inside The Armour Publications ©2017
Pages – 39
MSRP - £3.00 / $3.68 US

February 2017 shown us the premier release of a brand new downloadable E-magazine from Inside The Armour Publications called Ship Modeller Magazine. Model Shipwrights is proud to present a review of this new publication.

A couple weeks back in mid-February, I had the pleasure of receiving a copy of a brand new nautically themed E-magazine from Inside The Armour Publications called Ship Modeller Magazine – Issue 1. Ship Modeller is presented in a conveniently downloadable e-magazine format. The magazine is available for download through the Inside the Armour Website and sell for £3.00 / $3.68 US and consists of thirty-nine pages.


• 1/350 Varyag – Chris Meddings
• 1/350 Admiral Graf Spee – Lou Carabott
• Kit Reviews
• 1/72 “Alarm” U253 – Benedetto Iezzi
• 1/700 USS Comstock – Albert Tureczek
• Designing a Kit in 3D – Mike McCabe
• News
• Book and Press Reviews

Chris Meddings, the editor of Ship Modeller created this new magazine in order to bring high quality build stories, reviews, techniques and more to the ship modeling enthusiast; all with a focus of keeping a low cost to the consumer.

This first issue of Ship Modeller Magazine is packed with four build articles. Chris Meddings himself kicks off this premier issue with the story of his 1/350 scale Varyag build. Spanning fifteen pages, Chris shows his step by step process to creating a beautifully rendered ocean diorama of this iconic Russian protected cruiser from the pre-dreadnaught era. Following the Varyag, we are presented with an eight-page feature article by Lou Carabott showing his 1/350 scale Admiral Graf Spee. Lou adds many finite details to make his ship and diorama come to life.

Fitting rather well into this new magazine, the Kit section contains eight quick reviews of new kits and accessories recently released to the modeling community by a number of familiar manufacturers of nautical themes.


• IJN Armored Cruiser Asama – Foresight/Seals Models – 1/700
• HMS MacKay Flotilla Leader Scott Class – AJM Models – 1/700
• Soviet Parchim Class Corvette – Combrig Models – 1/700
• HMS Campbeltown 1942 - Flyhawk Models – 1/700
• IJN Battleship Mikasa – Foresight/Seals Models – 1/700
• Algerine Class Fleet Minesweeper – Starling Models – 1/700
• Quad Vickers .50 Machine Hun Set – Tetra Model Works – 1/350
• IJN Battleship Asahi – Foresight/Seals Models – 1/350

Following these reviews, the book jumps right back into the thick of things with an amazing build feature by Benedetto Iezzi called “Alarm”. This is a seventeen page pictorial display of construction of his 1/72 scale U253. Benedetto explains all the ins and outs to the intricate detailing needed to create this fantastic static display. Wasting little time, the magazine jumps right into Albert Tureczek’s marvelous building of USS Comstock (LSD-45) in 1/700 scale. Albert sows us his processes for adding the numerous photo etch and scratch building, as well as painting and weathering details, that make this watery diorama come alive.

Another fine addition to this magazine, is a section devoted to telling the story behind creating a kit in 3D. Mike MacCabe, owner and principal designer at Starling Models takes us on a journey into what is involved when creating a 3D designed and resin cast kit. From its conception with rendering in CAD through production of 3D model parts and finalizing the development with casting of the parts we get to see the intricate detailing and massive amount of work involved with the manufacturing. The kit used for this example is the same kit defined in review earlier in this magazine, the Algerine Class Fleet Minesweeper by Starling Models.

Bringing this new magazine to its close is a short News section containing glimpses of newly released books and kits available to the modelling community. Spotlighted in this section are new book releases form Seaforth Publishing including British Warships of the Second World War by John Roberts and British Warship Recognition - The Perkins Identification Albums Vol. III by Richard Perkins and more.


It is always an exciting time when a new publication focused on the hobby of scale modeling hits the news stand. Such is the case of Inside The Armour’s February 2017 release Issue 1 of the all-new E-magazine titled Ship Modeller Magazine. While many of us love the feel of our books and magazines in paper versions, the E-magazine is such a “novel” idea in that the publication is completely downloadable and can be saved virtually forever taking up no space in the home as well as allowing the costs of this magazine to be as low as possible…£3.00 / $3.68 US in the case of Issue 1 of Ship Modeller.

Ship Modeller is packed with in depth, pictographically bursting articles from some of the most prolific scale modelers around today. Adding to the value, are a number of product reviews giving the reader plenty of insight into some newly released kits sold today. So whether you’re a fan of nautical modelling subjects or simply enjoy reading about and seeing incredible model construction, Ship Modeller Magazine is sure to please just about anyone! Inside The Armour beautifully and cost effectively hits the mark with their release of Issue 1 of Ship Modeller Magazine; personally I cannot wait for Issue 2 to come out! I recommend picking up a copy today...you won't be disappointed you did!


Model Shipwrights would like to thank ITA for providing us with a copy of the premier edition of Ship Modeller Magazine for review!
Highs: A refreshing and beautifully presented e-magazine for the modelling community!
Lows: None at this time.
Verdict: A fantastic collection of build articles and reviews for the model shipwright! A cost efficient, downloadable digital publication that is sure to please modeling fans!
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  Mfg. ID: Issue 1
  Suggested Retail: £3.00 / $3.68 US
  Related Link: Ship Modeller Magazine
  PUBLISHED: Mar 04, 2017

About Todd Michalak (TRM5150)

I am building what I like, when I like and how I like it; having fun doing it. I have been building and finishing models on and off my whole life but the past ten years things really exploded. Just about anything goes when it comes to hitting the bench, but wrecked armor, rusted hulks, ships or ...

Copyright ©2021 text by Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]. All rights reserved.


How can I subscribe this issue? If I click the "Website" button above there is only a informational site coming which says this site was registered recently but no real Website is coming...
MAR 04, 2017 - 09:40 PM
Hi Thomas, I fixed the link to direct people to the correct site. Inside the Armour - LINK You can click on Ship Modeller Magazine and all of the information is listed there.
MAR 04, 2017 - 10:29 PM

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