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Tool Review
EZ Rulers
EZ Rulers - Standard and Scale
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

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Recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to review one of Masterpiece Models latest creations, the EZ Read Ruler. Within two days after completing my review, I received another small package in the mail; this time it contained Masterpiece’s expansion of measuring tools, EZ Read Scale Rulers specific to our hobby. So new in fact, they have not even had time to put these new rulers up on their website at the time that I am writing this review!


As scale hobbyists, we are always on the lookout for new and better tools to use on our projects. Masterpiece Models has just released a new product to their ever growing line of tools, the EZ Read Ruler! Okay…okay, “it’s just a ruler”, I am sure that is what some might say. But to anyone an accurate measurement or straightedge will not agree with that!

Masterpiece Models is a Washington State based manufacturer of originally designed resin model kit and diorama bases. Among the unique model kit offered by Masterpiece, they provide a fine selection of their own manufactured modeling tools; such as the Corr-u-gator© for creating corrugated metal in scale, The Slicer for cutting quickly and easily cork for dioramas and the Sandbox which is a dust-free sanding system.

Most recently, Masterpiece Models released the first design of measurement tools for the scale modeling community, the EZ Read Ruler. Scrap-booker extraordinaire Shellie Geigle, of J&S Hobbies and Crafts, identified the need for an easy-to-read measuring device. The owner of Masterpiece Models, John Geigle and ingenious husband of Shellie, went to work engraving the new design for J&S Hobbies and Crafts. Noticing that quality, easy to read tools have always been needed within the modeling community, John set out to produce Masterpiece Models’ version of this measuring tool, the EZ Read Ruler.

Now typically, you would not think there was much that could be said about a simple ruler; as long as it measures accurately, that is all that really matters. But in the case of the EZ Ruler, John has made the design easy to read by adding engraved calibration markings that appear white on a clear base allowing for easily seeing where the calibration lines are located. This is a twelve inch standardized ruler in length. Taking things one step further, specific numbering of the calibration marks were added in both 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch increments. This helps those individuals to easily identify which marks they need to transfer the measurement from.

The ruler is a full 1/8 inch thick which provide a decent edge for working with both pencils and pens as well as cutting tools such as a #11 hobby knife. The clear plastic design to the ruler aids in locating positioning on the work surface. The plastic is a durable clear acetate design for long lasting use.

On the heels of the EZ Read Ruler, Masterpiece Models wanted to take things to the next level. After the release of the EZ Read Ruler release, John quickly went to work on designing specific scale rulers for the hobby enthusiasts. The next round of rulers to be released are 6 inches in length with both metric and imperial scales in 1/32nd, 1/35th, 1/48th, and 1/72nd scales. The cost of these scale specific rulers will be $4.99 US.

These scale rulers, are similar to the EZ Read Ruler in that they are crafted from a clear solid plastic with calibration marks etched into the surface giving the user easy to read markings. The thickness of these new rulers is slightly thinner in thickness than the EZ Read Ruler which is down to about 1/16th of an inch and of course the length has been reduced to 6 inches. There is a small hole drilled into each ruler at one end so they may be stored on a hook or pin close to the user’s working space.


As I mentioned above in my review, the calibration markings are etched to specific scales represented both feet and meters in the corresponding scales. The lightweight design to these scale rulers make for quick and easy use and the clear factor allows for the user to see what they are measuring, marking or cutting extremely well. The low cost of these rulers from Masterpiece Models make it an easy decision for anyone looking to fill a few empty spots on the tool bench with some quality measurement tools!
Highs: Lightweight, accurate and cost efficient! The specific scales rulers are a must for anyone into scratch building their own parts or simply marking reference parts on their models.
Lows: I would like to see a full size ruler in millimeter increments from Masterpiece Models...I am sure it will be released soon!
Verdict: Fantastic rulers that are easy to read and a cost efficient means of measurement for any scale hobbyists.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:1
  Suggested Retail: $4.99 to $7.99 US
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 30, 2017

Our Thanks to Masterpiece Models!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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I like the look of the product, but I would have liked to see a metal edge down one side to allow the use of a knife to cut material without damaging the ruler.
NOV 29, 2017 - 05:02 PM
There was a company that offered a 30cm/12 inch length ruler made of steel in railroad scales. It was fairly thin and somewhat flexible. I like the look of these but agree that something of metal would be less likely to be damaged with a hobby knife. It is still very nice to see this release.
NOV 29, 2017 - 08:49 PM
Thanks for getting this one up Darren! I have had the chance to use them a number of tie since I received them...cutting up a bunch of white stuff with a #11. I have not seen any edge damage as of yet, I do have a rather steady hand while cutting, but there is always the possibility if wearing. They are acrylic based and thus a bit more resilient that typical plastic, but but care should probably be taken to ensure long lasting use.
NOV 30, 2017 - 05:40 PM
i have the RBproduction and Voyager Model scale ruler in PE...love it
DEC 01, 2017 - 03:10 AM

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