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In-Box Review
Magazine Pouch Set
HSGI Universal Modular Magazine Pouch Set
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


Designed to accommodate multiple magazines, the HSGI Universal Modular Magazines can hold three M-16 5.56mm 30-round magazines, two .308 magazines, or two 30-round 7.62mm AK-47 magazines, or a M18 smoke grenade could be placed inside the internal stirrup.
Legend Productions of South Korea contributed to the 1/16 (120mm) figure market with six HSGI Universal Modular Magazine Pouches made in gray resin (however, the box art is misleading and only shows five pouches). I find this kit significant because 1/16 modern military figures are considered a rarity since very few resin makers sculpt them, let alone the accessories to customize them. With model kit figures assembled in parts, accessory sets allow for a degree of customization, adding to the uniqueness of not having an out-of-the-box design.
Legends sculpted the magazine pouches using 3D graphical sculpting software and the modeler does get six pouches sealed in a plastic baggie. These resin HSGI pouches are not found in the 1/16 Legends’s SEAL figure kits so this kit has value in customization.


The kit has six HSGI Universal Modular Magazines molded in resin with the top flaps closed. Each magazine has three M-16 magazines molded internally. There are no parts to glue. Just cut the pouches off the resin pour blocks and they’re ready to use.
The pouches look fantastic with their buckled Snap-Tite fasteners and staggered stacked internal magazines viewable from the sides of the pouches. The magazines are the ribbed plastic Magpul design often favored by Special Forces and elite teams, not the grooved standard government issued aluminum versions although the viewer probably wouldn’t see the magazines if the pouches are glued together in a row.
I detected no casting errors, blobs, runs, air bubbles, or warping. The pouches appear exactly identical and practically perfect.
The top flaps exhibit grooved stitching while flat MOLLE loops adorn both sides of the pouches. “As is,” the pouches don’t allow for any other customizations such as the inclusion of a smoke grenade or the insertion of objects on the MOLLE loops. Legend Productions advertises the pouches as magazine carriers and that’s exactly what they are.
The backs of two pouches are attached to each pour block so a straight cut should free them. Legends made the wise choice in having the pouches attach to the pour block on the gluing surfaces.
I compared the magazine’s width to a Live-Resin 1/16 “US Army M4 Carbine Easy Kit” and the width of the M4’s magazine fits well when overlaid above the pouch; the scaling is accurate.

Legend Productions of Korea created a fine addition to the 1/16 (120mm) modern figure line. I envision these magazine pouches can customize all sorts of figures from military to civilian to Science-Fiction. This means that any 1/16 figure with a belt, harness, or vest, or even making straps of your own, can have these pouches attached to them to give that figure extra rifle and carbine ammunition for whatever scenario that modeler might imagine. These pouches really advance the timeline for what date and year that figure represents (Magpul Industries, founded in 1999, would indicate that the 30-round magazines in the pouches would represent a figure after the year 2000).
My thanks to Legend Productions for the free review sample.
Highs: Excellent details with no casting errors
Lows: None
  Scale: 1:16
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2018

Our Thanks to Legend Productions!
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