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In-Box Review
Radio in Pouch Set
Thales AN/PRC 148 Radio in Pouch Set
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

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Historicus Forma


The Thales Communications Army Navy Portable Radio (AN/PRC) 148 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (MBITR) has been fielded by NATO forces around the world for its encrypted tactical software frequency hopping two-way communications.
This handheld radio has AM/FM, SINCGARS and HAVEQUICK I/II single channel or frequency hopping modes. It is submersible from two to twenty meters and allows for voice and data transmissions at 9600 to 200 baud rate. AM/FM Synchronous streams at 12/16 kbit/s. The MBITR weighs 30.6 ounces (867.5 grams) with NSA 1 encryption.
Accessories include a handheld microphone with coiled cord and Remote Control Unit with GPS. The AN/PRC 148 MBITR went into full production in Fiscal Year 2000.
Legend Productions of South Korea has once again contributed a gem to the 1/16 modern military figure market with this kit by adding a form of secure encrypted handheld radio. The artist used 3D graphical sculpting software to create the masters of this kit.

The kit has six single cast AN/PRC 148 radios with pouches and twin antennas molded on contained in a plastic baggie. Since the MBITR cannot attach to the soldierís uniform, a pouch is included. This accessory kitís pouches differ from the radios found in the 1/16 Legendís Navy SEAL figures in that is has a frontal strap and a Snap-Tite buckle. Therefore, one can use the coiled cord and handheld microphone from the SEAL figure kit and just substitute the radio part.
The Thales radio pouchesí bottoms and backs are attached to the resin pour blocks. There are no parts to glue so just cut away the pouches and sand the remnants. I admire that Legend casted two protective bars on the sides of the radio to prevent the pieces from bumping into each other and breaking off the delicate antennas when in the plastic baggie.
The details appear outstanding with crisply cast and defined Snap-Tite buckles, straps, metal fastening rods, and antennas. All the pieces appear similar with no casting errors, runs, warping, air bubbles, or blobs as if made to near perfection. The narrow LED window is visible behind the center strap, but the MBITRís buttons are covered by the pouch.
Two antennas protrude from the top. They appear exceptionally detailed right down to the bulbous coiled springs. I admire Legendís resin stiffness because these thin delicate pieces didnít break off.

Legend Productionsís 1/16 Thales AN/PRC 148 kit gives the large scale figure modeler an option of having a different handheld radio pouch appearance for modern military figures representing the United States or NATO Special Forces or conventional soldier. This kit is a great winning asset because it can practically give any modern or futuristic 1/16 figure, civilian or government, the option of having secure voice and data communications in a compact package. Enterprising figure modelers could even attach a few radios to a modern soldier figure to resemble a combat controller or a platoon leader. Perhaps in the future, Legend will provide a 1/16 kit with bendable whip band antennas and handheld microphones with coiled cords.

My thanks to Legend Productions for the free review sample.
Highs: Excellent details with no casting errors
Lows: None
  Scale: 1:16
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 30, 2018

Our Thanks to Legend Productions!
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