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In-Box Review
Synthea Stealth
Synthea Stealth
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by: Peter Ong [ TRISAW ]

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Historicus Forma


Few 1/16 (120mm) Sci-Fi figures exist on the market today at such an attractive price since most Sci-Fi figures usually come in 1/24 (75mm) and 1/20 (90mm) scale. Those 120mm Sci-Fi figures that were made are either long out of production, or are rare items now. Sci-Fi figures in 1/16th scale just arenít made due to market demand as most sculptors believe that they wonít sell well compared to the ever popular military figures. Now with 3D printing, that belief has changed as new designs could be rapidly printed. Nonetheless, finding a copy of a resin Sci-Fi figure in the larger scales is a quest for those interested in the genera.

Packaged in a stiff brown cardboard box with a black and white sketch of Synthea as the cover boxart, the gray resin pieces come in a bubblewrap bag and a little clear sealable bag. Itís a simple kit with no gear or guns as the robotís main weapons are the two daggers she carries in each hand. The parts are:
- Head
- Upper torso (chest)
- Torso (abdomen and hips)
- Right and left thigh
- Right and left leg from knees to feet
- Right and left hand with daggers attached
- Right and left arms with shoulders and elbows
- Circular base with foot holes and surface texture
- Trading art card showing Rogans Heroes Post
- Apocalyptic figure art
- Clear Rogans Heroes website sticker

This is a good quality kit with nice casting and details. I detected no runs, blobs, casting errors, or warpage although there are minor seam lines and pour blocks that have to be cut and sanded off. The arms have a small pour block and a seam on the inside that needs sanding. Minor seam lines run down the front and back of her legs so care must be taken not to remove the surface details when sanding.

Synthea is considered very thin and petite in size compared to other 120mm figures. At best, she represents a tween (pre-teenager) in 1/16th scale. I compared the torso to my built figures and concluded that she compares to 1/20th scale, not 1/16th scale. Even some of my 1/24th (75mm) Sci-Fi figures in torso body armor are a little larger than Synthea. Itís a bit disappointing as I was hoping for a larger adult female figure to match my 120mm figures and use my 1/16th spare accessories. I will admit that the price suits her petite size though. One can argue that her size makes sense, making her a smaller, stealthy, and a nimble warrior that is hard to detect and target.

The surface details are quite nice with subtle curves and facets on the face, arms, and legs. The ribbed coiling on the torso, neck, and thighs are especially crisp and well done with no flashing or errors. Synthea has very little body armor so the thickness of her body plating looks thin and delicate.

I testfitted the parts and the fit appears excellent. Synthea has long legs so be sure to glue them securely using the partsí pins and holes. The boxart and built photos online show how her knees appear so make sure not to glue the legs on backwards. The foot pegs fit nicely in the base that has a grid plank engraving and a fancy cross emboss.

The hands fit nicely into the single-cast arms. Adventurous modelers could modify the arms to bend by sawing the elbows and repositioning the limbs if they so choose; however, for Synthea, her pose is fixed to the boxart. The head fits perfectly on neck pegs with no possibility of turning the head without modifications.

And thatís itÖa simple kit of torso, head, limbs, and hands. No rifle, gear, pouches, backpack, or radio is included as Synthea travels light and fast, using her two daggers as a stealthy slashing and stabbing assassin. I did notice that she has no sheaths for the knives so in order to pick anything up she has to lay down her weapons.

A simple-to-build Sci-Fi figure kit, 120mm Synthea Stealth should suit beginners getting started with resin kits. More scaled to 1/20th or even 1/24th scale, this figure wonít represent a full grown female adult robot in 1/16th scale; therefore, one has a chose a scale to represent a child in 1/16th scale or a full grown robotic woman in 1/20th or 1/24th scale. Spare parts can be added to enhance the appearance of Synthea as she represents more of a female mannequin able to be modified and added to improve her appearance and mission.

Special Thanks goes to Rogans Heores for the traded review sample.
Color photos are from Rogans Heroes website.
Highs: Unique subject matter in 120mm scale with few competitors that have her appearance. The cheap price and few parts should attract many figure modelers.
Lows: Minor seam lines and pour blocks that need attention. Her very petite size means that she compares more to 1/20th and 1/24th scale next to a 1/16th soldier figure. No other armament or gear is included.
Verdict: 1/16th Synthea Stealth suits her name. Her petite and thin size adds to the allure of a stealthy assassin. No other figure resembles her on the resin figure market.
  Scale: 1:16
  Mfg. ID: RH004
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  PUBLISHED: May 30, 2019

Our Thanks to Rogans Heroes!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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