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In-Box Review
German Casualties

by: DMD [ DMD ]

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Historicus Forma

In this figure set you have to 2 German casualties. My fear when I bought this set was the possibility that the figures would rather be 1/32 then 1/35 scale.
Unfortunally I found out that it was more 1/32. On first glance this should be no big problem as long we don't create a David-Goliath effect.

So is the set worth your money ?
Well both figures are pin pointed at the end of the war in a winter episode. Both wear a stretchable balaclava helmet, which is knitted in gray wool. the main function of this was to protect you head and face for the cold.
Both figures wear a greatcoat while one has a white smock above it. Looking at the helmet and the trousers we can locate these figures (or one) with an SS-company.
The second figure has gloves and goggles and he is in a kind of way a neutral non-company based figure.

The facial expression of the figures is sufficient. Just take a note that you don't see much of the faces. They also have some of there equipment already fixed ,which could be a problem for some modelers among us.
The poses are natural and are well sculpted.

In this set you also get some equipment like a holster, gascan, a panzerfaust, a MP 40, a 98 mauser etc . about that MP 40, I was really disappointed, I believe this is not standard in all sets, but we have paid to have descent material and at this level I'm not keen with such errors, especially when they are standard fixed on the arm.
If you see the weapon you all will think that it was berried under the ground for 60 years before putting them in this set.
But still it is a small problem for a nice set, which I really recommend to give you dio a new touch. extremely handy for a winter dio.
Extremely useful for a winter dio.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 1777
  Suggested Retail: 18 euro
  Related Link: http://www.verlinden-productions.com
  PUBLISHED: May 04, 2003

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