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In-Box Review
PE: Centurion Mk. 5/1 Ammunition Boxes

by: John Murcutt [ JLMURC ]

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With the type of warfare in Vietnam being one of Counter-Insurgency and with the type of terrain that was encountered main battle tanks could not be employed in their true operational manner, being used mainly in a support role as part of the combat packages that were deployed. Whilst the main armament could be used in the firing of HE against some targets, or indeed canister against personnel, once again the machine gun came into its own, with its ability to lay down large amounts of fire, in support of ground operations.

Along with the co-ax and the ranging machine gun the commanderís turret mounted 30 calibre was also used to lay down large amounts of accurate fire support.
As in this role it was possible to use large amounts of ammunition, the Australians added a tray to the area at the rear of the turret, which held a further 12x200 round boxes of belted ammunition. With one already mounted on the MG this gave a capacity of 2600 rounds of ready ammunition.

The set is presented in the usual Eduard re-sealable plastic envelope, with the fret being protected by enclosed cardboard backing sections.

Upon removing the contents, the detail set comprises 1 fret of photo-etch and folded A4 sheet of instructions. The instructions are clearly presented with a picture of the fret. The single sheet of instructions concentrates on the assembly of the carrier tray and the 12 individual ammunition boxes to place within it.

In Detail
With the liner tray completed, it only leaves to fold and construct the actual ammunition boxes, these comprise the body, the lids upon which you attach the carrying handles, which can be extended or flat and the detailed end piece that has the small handle used to hold whilst opening the lid.
The main task is in ensuring that all of the folds are nice and sharp and that you ensure that each is kept square.

in Conclusion
With all of the quality that the model moulding methods employ, the kit parts are fine to use, but by using this set, the liner and its cargo will take on a much greater scale effect. Although it is only a relatively small item, when mounted on the turret, the eye is certain to be drawn to this area and I believe with the work that you put into the construction of this set, will show and add to the overall effect of the work that you have done.

Eduard has added additional sets, to that of its major update set for the AFV Club Centurion [35925], with this set offering the liner that is mounted behind the commanderís cupola, on the top of the turret. This allowed for the storage of a large amount of easily accessible ammunition, for his .30 cal machine gun. Once again by adding this update you can gain a high quality representation of this prominent addition, to the turrets of the Australian Centurions that served in Vietnam.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35943
  Suggested Retail: $14.95
  Related Link: Eduard
  PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2006
  NATIONALITY: United States

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