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In-Box Review

by: Markus Eckmann [ MARKUSE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


The figure shows a Cossack in an expressive pose. I can`t tell you details about the subject, because the box doesn`t contain any informations about the background. I also wasn`t able to find any informations about the scale of the figure. The measure of the figure is 65mm from the feet to the top.

The figure is delivered in a well dimensioned box with three boxart pictures. The boxart is painted by Michalis Gourogiannis. The figure parts (7 pieces in resin) were stored between two foam padsis packed save. The only thing I`m missing are some informations about the time period and the background of the figure, because I´m not very familiar with cossacks.

I was a little bit irritated, because under the company logo you can read “FINEST QUALITY WHITE METAL CAST MODELS” – but what I found was a Resin casted figure. That is absolutly ok for me - I prefer the Resin figures a little bit, because they are mostly a little bit finer. But finally I found a little pointer at the box, that it contains a Resin Kit. I have tried to visit the URL which I found at the box, because I wanted to see some more of their works - I wasn`t able to find the website. I hope that this only means the website has just some smaller technical problems.

sculpting - casting

The figure is sculpted by Alexandros Hassapis and comes along very good. The details of the figure are sculpted out very nice. I think the hands are a little bit too short, but this is no real problem. The face is absolutly spot on and I think it will be a pleasure to paint this little man !!!

The casting is very good, absolutly clear and you find nearly no mold lines. I think it just needs a few minutes to sand them down, so the figure is ready to be painted very soon. The parts fit together perfectly and they do not need more work. I found no bubbles/pinwholes or something like that, so I can say the casting is 1st class.

The pieces of the figure are :

  • Body with legs

  • Head

  • Left arm

  • Right arm with a mace

  • Sabre

  • Feather for the hat

  • Figure base


    This is a very well sculpted and casted sculpture !!! I also think that it will be a real pleasure to paint this little man. I hope to see more figures of this company, because they do great work.

    Highly Recommended
    Athens Miniatures is a Greek company that has produced a handful of figures and one bust. Despite the unusual 65 mm scale, the quality of their figures is superb.
      POSE - THEME:86%
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: Other
      Mfg. ID: AM-07
      Suggested Retail: 21.00 €
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      PUBLISHED: Dec 28, 2006
      THIS REVIEWER: 88.67%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 90.11%

    Our Thanks to Athens Miniatures!
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