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Ashigaru, Azuchi-Momoyama Period
Ashigaru, Azuchi-Momoyama Period (1568 - 1600)

by: Paul Richard Abbott [ FINGERSEDDIE ]

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Historicus Forma


This is yet another beautiful figure by Pegaso. This one represents a Japanese Infantryman (Ashigaru) from the Azuchi-Momoyama period.

Despite the boxart showing a slightly monotone look on the figure, the painter will definately have a lot of options in showing colour, and maybe a patterned tunic or trousers with the correct references.


The figure comes in Pegaso's usual box containing thirteen white metal parts sandwiched between two pieces of foam pad, with the smallest of these parts packaged separately in a small clear plastic bag. Also included is two sheets of paper giving a brief history and basic guide to painting the figure. This information is in English, Italian, French and German.


This figure has been sculpted by Victor Konnov, who has really achieved a simple yet dynamic figure, showin' lots of movement. Just look at the figure and think to yourself, what has grabbed this infantrymans attention?

Anyway the parts of this figure require very little cleanup. You will need to look hard for any mould lines, nonetheless there are a few. Mainly they're to be found on the small parts: jingasa (helmet), yari (lance), drinking cup, helmet cowl, wakizashi, katana and sash bow. these parts will jus' need a little sanding with some 600 grit sandpaper.

His clothing is normal for this period, and he is wearing an hotoke - do, a solid one piece cuirass. The arms of his tunic are protected by kusazuri, or six protective layers of armour, with additional forearm guards. His shins are also protected by suneate, or shin guards. This additional armour protection would be coloured the same as the cuirass.

Left arm: is well defined and comes in two parts, the second part being his hand which holds the lance. The detail in the hand is very well defined, as well as the lance itself. The fit quality of the hand to the arm is excellent. The fit of the arm to the torso is superb too.

Right arm: again the arm and hand is well defined, and the fit to the torso is snug and precise.

Head, cowl, helmet: these parts need some attention in how to ensure the cowl sits well over his food pouches. I found that the best way of fitting these parts was to assemble the cowl to the helmet first, the helmet of which incorporates a groove for the precise location and assembly of the cowl. Also, the head locates and fits underneath the helmet nicely. Once these parts are assembled its time to fit the whole assembly to the torso. The head will naturally locate itself in the socket, allowin' you to twist the assembly, ensurin' the precise fit and look of the cowl. Job done!

This is the most important thing to get fitted correctly on this kit, otherwise it will look odd.

Torso: just a quick mention of the fact that the swords that this figure carries should ideally have been secured or pushed through his sash, wrapped around his waist. Nonetheless, they were carried otherwise by cords, which this particular figure shows.

Base: is quite large being 40mm in diameter. Its quite featureless depicting a sandy rocky surface, with just a few rocks incorporated. It leaves room for the modeller/ painter to add some additional ground effects if he/ she so wishes.

The locating holes in the base for the feet needed to be made slightly wider with a suitable minidrill bit, to ensure a proper natural fit.


Once fully built up this figure measures in at 70mm, from the top of his head to the bottom of the base.

Only small amounts of Liquid Putty was used on the very small gaps that occurred around the back of the arms, wrist and groin areas, for consistency.

Highs: A beautifully realised and sculpted figure with well defined parts, and superb and easy fitment.
Lows: The base could have contained more detail, and a small amount of drilling is needed to ensure a precise fit.
Verdict: I highly reccommend this figure! Its beautifully realised and looks absolutely stunning, when built up!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 54mm
  Mfg. ID: 54-229
  Suggested Retail: 25.00 EUR
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 19, 2007
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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