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In-Box Review
Pacific Island Girl
  • CD4050

by: Rudi Richardson [ TAROK ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


CD 4050 – “Pacific Island Girl” is a 1/35th scale resin figure sculpted by Gordon Stronach and marketed under the Custom Dioramics brand of The VLS Corporation.

The figure is portrayed as a topless Pacific Island girl, of a slightly shorter stature, strolling casually wearing only a grass skirt and a tropical flower in her hair.


The figure, moulded in a cream coloured resin, consists of only the single cast figure. The figure is packaged in a small, clear acetate blister pack. A small label displaying the painted figure is situated to the front of the packaging.

The figure is generally not badly sculpted, and there are things I both like and dislike about the sculpt itself.

Firstly, I really like the fact that the sculptor has portrayed this young girl as being rather petite. She is on the short side, measuring only 47mm whereas most 1/35 scale figures measure 50mm plus. In addition, the body proportions suit her small stature.

The two main things I dislike about the sculpture are firstly the facial structure, and secondly the breasts.

With regards to the facial structure, I feel firstly that the eye cavities run too high into the brow, and secondly that the face bears more of a European (perhaps Latin) resemblance than South Pacific.

And then the breasts: more specifically the figure’s right breast. The breast appears to be too far to the side of the torso, giving the chest a very strange appearance.

The quality of the casting has a lot to be desired for. The first thing I noticed where a number of resin balls at the bottom of the skirt. Other casting slights I noticed was a seam line running down the figure’s left (outer) arm and leg. There was also a fair amount of light flash between the arms and torso and on the inner legs.

The figure is cast with the feet on a fairly heavy casting block. Modeller’s should be careful when removing this so as not to damage the detailed feet.


Custom Dioramic’s “Pacific Island Girl” certainly is a rather unique subject, as there are not many non-military South Pacific subjects available.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the face does not bear a Pacific resemblance. That said, the figure’s petite stature is unique.

Finally, given the price tag, I would have hoped to have seen a better quality of cast.

If modellers are prepared to accept the feature slights and do a fair amount of clean up, this figure has the potential to be a great addition to any South Pacific scene.

Highs: Very unique subject. Nicely conveyed petite stature.
Lows: Poor casting quality. Facial structure.
Verdict: If modellers are prepared to accept the feature slights and do a fair amount of clean up, this figure has the potential to be a great addition to any South Pacific scene.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: CD 4050
  Suggested Retail: 10.98 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 09, 2007

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