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In-Box Review
Afrika Korps Party WWII

by: James Porter [ PHANTOM_MAJOR ]

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Historicus Forma

There are two figures in this kit. Both are members of the DAK or Deutsch Afrika Korps, this was the German armyís designation in the North Africa campaign. These two figures are in a relaxed pose and look as if they are stationed in some rear area. They are standing, however one has his leg placed a cross a mall barrel which comes with the kit and is wearing a pith helmet. The other is standing by himself with his hands in his pockets and is wearing goggle around his cap as well as smoking a cigarette.

These two figures have been manufactured to a high standard, having no errors in their casting that I can see, and no air bubbles or broken sections. I had ordered these through the Historex website and they arrive very quickly and in good order, an excellent company that I havenít given me any trouble.

Proís & Conís
These figures by Verlinden are great and they are cast to an exceptional standard although I didnít have any problems assembling them. This again would add to a diorama or be useful in a grander scheme, I plan to use mine in the under the sun campaign and I dare say you will be seeing the results in a few weeks. Despite the fact that these figures have been around for a while there doesnít seem to be too many companies out there keen to produce large numbers of Afrika Korp figures, this is probably why this set has lasted so long

The down side is that there are no instructions with this kit and only the picture on the box to go on as to how these figures should be painted. It is also rather expensive set for what you actually get and could do with being reduced in price by a fair amount. There is a problem of scale when it comes to the barrel that you use to support the resting figure as this seems to be one that was used in the 1/48 scale field accessories that I bought many moons ago.
These two figures have been manufactured to a high standard in uniquely relaxed pose.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 950
  Suggested Retail: GBP 12.50
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  PUBLISHED: Dec 01, 2003

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