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In-Box Review
German Gefreiter, Stalingrad 1942

by: Anders Heintz [ ANDERSHEINTZ ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

First Glance
The figure arrived in a nice packaged box with plenty of peanuts to protect the figure during shipping. When I opened the box I found a very stylish and elegant looking dark blue box made out of sturdy textured cardboard. The box has two pictures on it, a front view and back view. This will give you a good idea where everything goes on the figure.

Whats in the Box?
What you get is two bags full of goodies, the parts are cast in white resin and holds a great amount of crisp detail. The figure is devided up into the following:

* Upper torso including head
* Legs
* Boots
* Arms

The pose of the figure is excellent, very nice smooth fluid motion, and very realistically balanced figure, a welcomed change of pace from the usual static poses. A thing I hope to be continued in future releases from Stormtrooper's lines.

There are a few seam lines, but they wont be a problem to remove. The parts are very well sculpted with nice folds, especially on the back of the torso and the arms. There are a couple folds on the front of the coat on the leg section that doesn't look quite right, but thats a very minor issue, and might just be my eyes. The parts fit together very well, and will require just small amounts of putty to make the seams perfect. The fit between the upper and lower body is especially nice as well as the fit of the boots to the legs. Another thing that stands out to me is the thickness (thinness, if thats a word) of the coat and how it is casted as a flowing piece of great coat instead of the usual clump of resin. Well done!

The other bag is a baggie full of nicely done equipment. The fragile parts are put into a cardboard pocket for added protection, which is a really nice touch.
So what equipment do you get?

You get:

* PPsH with drum magazine and ammo pouch
* MP 40 with the butt piece seperate and with seperate magazine and ammo pouch
* Entrenching Tool
* Canteen
* Bayonette in a scabbard

All of these accessories are very well done, especially the weapons are very crisply casted with a lot of detail.

This is a very cool figure, not only because its excelent pose, but also because its nicely casted and very well sculpted. On my example I've only found 2 airbubbles, and none of them being major. Parts fit well and requires just small amounts of clean up. Overall a great figure! Highly reccomended.

One thing that is worth mentioning is Stormtroopers excellent costumer service. When I first got this figure, my figure had a lot of airbubbles on it, I informed Stormtroopers about this and they promptly sent me a whole figure as replacement all the way from the UK without charging me a penny. That is what I call excellent costumer service and shows that they back their product 100%.

The first 120mm figure from Stormtrooper's, a new Figure company based in the UK. This is an indepth review out of the box.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 120mm
  Mfg. ID: ST 120/01
  Suggested Retail: $55/32 GBP
  Related Link: Stormtrooper's
  PUBLISHED: Jan 15, 2004

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