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In-Box Review
Squashers of Britain Legionary
Legionary of Exculcatores Iuniores Britanniciani 'Squashers of Britain' 5th Century AD
  • CGF1341

by: Paul Richard Abbott [ FINGERSEDDIE ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Historical Overview

This figure belonged to a garrison force (Exculcatores Iuniores Britanniciani) that was to protect the borders of Britain from Saxon invaders, after Magnus Maximus (385BC) and Flavius Claudius Constantinus (407BC) both drafted their troops away from the island in support of their southward conquests.

Box and Contents

The figure comes in a very slim box, consisting of seven parts, all sealed in a plastic bag together. There is no polyfoam packaging that is generally the norm with other figure manufacturers kits, and the parts are left to rattle around inside which did pose a concern for they're protection. Also included is a very nice small sheet of paper showin' two colour images of the figure built and painted up as it is on the box, but this time with paint colour instructions, and a brief history of the figure on the reverse.

Upon opening the box to reveal the parts I needn't have worried because everything was OK without any breakages or scarring of the parts.

Figure and Parts

The figure has been sculpted by J.R. Arredondo and consists of seven parts as mentioned above. The figure has been very well sculpted, this being part of my attraction to it, and the chainmail is especially nice.

The body and legs consist of one piece, and on the soles of the booted feet are rather large pins, the upraised leg that rests on the log will have to have this pin sawn off or cut and filed down to a small pin size so that when drilling a hole, or not as the case maybe, it doesn't disrupt the fine details of the log.

The other parts consist of:

  • head with nicely sculpted facial features and helmet.
  • right hand holding a small mace, it has a point at one end for stabbing with and kind of looks like an arrow but with a centre weight. The name of it escapes me.
  • left arm, the fist that holds the shield does look to be sculpted a little too small. It does look like he has only three fingers, but there are four, one is just too thin. Liquid Putty will be the answer there! Also, the fist does fit loosely into the shield.
  • late Roman sword in scabbard.
  • shield with nice details on the inside of it.
  • resin base, which is customary with El Viejo Dragon miniatures, of which I thought could have been slightly bigger, after all it is only resin. I mustn't complain though, because you as well as I must remember the price, and you are getting a quality figure for it.

    All these parts require customary yet minimal cleanup. The dry-fitting of the parts is very good.

    Highs: A nicely sculpted and unique figure with a very striking pose.
    Lows: The fist that holds the shield could have been better, although it maybe down to a slight miscast. I would like to have seen a slightly bigger base, but it doesn't concern me because of the price of the kit.
    Verdict: This is a very nice and well sculpted figure despite a couple of drawbacks. Overall it is a superbly sculpted piece with a very good fit of parts.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 54mm
      Mfg. ID: CG134
      Suggested Retail: £11.99
      Related Link: Purchased from El Greco Miniatures
      PUBLISHED: Feb 15, 2008
      NATIONALITY: Italy
      THIS REVIEWER: 93.33%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 82.71%

    About Paul Richard Abbott (FingersEddie)

    I've been paintin' figures now ever since I was a teenager, when I used to paint figures for roleplayin' with. Sadly the roleplayin' has stopped, but the figure paintin' goes on! My other main interests are readin' the SF of Philip K Dick, Photography, Modelmakin', Motorsport, Graphic Novels and Com...

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    Nice review Paul. Thanks
    FEB 14, 2008 - 02:58 PM
    No worries Engin, its a nice figure.
    FEB 14, 2008 - 07:55 PM
    Nice review mate,i have heard good things about these figures from Matt at El Greco when i met him at Hinckley show last year,think i might have to pick a couple up and try them out. Steve
    FEB 15, 2008 - 12:22 AM
    Hey Steve, I've had the opportunity (thanks to Matt as well - great folks, Matt & Celine) to review a couple of EVD figures over the past few months (see here), and my findings agree with those of Paul - great figures at a reasonable price. The sculpting is good, and the figures seem pretty accurate (I've confirmed these findings with the good Doctor over on MedRom). HTH, Rudi (p.s. when buying from El Greco, please mention you heard about them via HF )
    FEB 17, 2008 - 12:03 PM
    Thanks Rudi i will check them reviews out. Steve
    FEB 20, 2008 - 06:16 AM

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