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Book Review
Advanced Figure Modelling
The Essential Guide for Figure Modeller
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


Many figure modelling books are already published displaying the amazing works of a unique artist or a group of 3-4 people. Some of these books are about general figure modelling, some of them are specialized on painting, sculpting, converting or ground techniques. Advanced Figure Modelling includes the works of 21 well-known artists from 8 different countries with the full detailed explanations of their builts and color photos of building steps.

Despite the name-Advanced ; the book can be easily understood and be useful for figure modelers of all levels. It is really an essential reference for a figure modeler.

book basics

The book is published by Periscopio Publications in English language on September 2008 on Greece.

  • Paper back

  • 180 pages

  • 470 color pictures

  • 26 color uniform illustrations of Greek, Persian and Hun Empire

  • 5 detailed step by step articles on figure painting and sculpting

  • 35 winner models awarded in high standard competitions

  • Strongly recommended by Pegaso Models

    book in detail

    The book starts with a preface written by editor Stelios Demiras explaining the aim of the book is to reach all levels of modelers. The color tone recipes, sculpting tips, painting tricks, groundwork techniques and much more are given by the own words of the artists.

    The book includes 33 chapters. There are 31 built stories of award winner models of different sizes varying 54 to 120 mm from different high standard companies producing metal or resin figures. All built stories are very explanatory with the artist used color codes, recipes and answers to possible questions. Models show a variation from ancient times to World War II so painters can find tips and hints to paint figures of all periods. 5 of the articles are Step-by-step articles about painting, sculpting and groundwork. The other two chapters include many color uniform illustrations of Greek,Persian forces of the Median Wars and Atilla’s Hun Empire.

    The chapters are;

  • The infantry of Median Wars 490-480 B.C – Color illustrations

  • Thermopylae 480 B.C – Grigoris Marmatakis – 54 mm multi figures

  • Spartan Officer – Christos Panayotopoulos – 150 mm Athens Miniatures bust

  • Greek Hoplite – Babis Stathis – 54 mm EMI Productions

  • Greek Siceliota – Christos Katselos – 54 mm Romeo Models

  • Alexander the Great – Alain De Busse – 90 mm Pegaso Models

  • Mongol Warrior – Babis Stathis – 60 mm Scratch-built

  • Painting Faces with Acrylic Colors – Ray Farrugia – Step-by-step using 90 mm Post Militaire Mameluk and 90 mm Pegaso Models Roman Legatus

  • Mameluk – Ray Farrugia – 90 mm Post Militaire

  • Germanic Warrior – Davide Decina – 75 mm Pegaso Models

  • Praefectus Classis – Pietro Balloni - 75 mm Pegaso Models

  • Praetorian Centurion – Ray Farrugia - 75 mm Pegaso Models

  • Attila and Black Huns’ Empire – Color illustrations

  • Templar Sergeant - Davide Decina – 90 mm Pegaso Models

  • Byzantine Imperial – Costas Rodopoulos – 75 mm Pegaso Models & Seil Models

  • Italian Knight – Pietro Balloni – 90 mm Pegaso Models

  • Ivan the Terrible – Diego Ruina – 90 mm Pegaso Models

  • Russian Knight (3 vignettes) – Natalya Alekseeva & Natalya Charushina – 120 mm Scratch-built

  • Viking Warrior – Mike Blank - 54 mm Scratch-built

  • Teutonic Knights of the 13th Century – Christos Panayotou – 54 mm Pegaso Models & Andrea Miniatures

  • Viking Hersir – Paris Tsirchoglou – 90 mm Soldiers

  • Ashigaru – Christos Panayotou – 90 mm Pegaso Models

  • The Lost Documents – Markus Eckmann – Step-by-Step on how to sculpt 75 mm figures for commercial casting and painting by Jόrgen Nirschl

  • Scottish Officer of 42th Reg. - Christos Panayotou – 54 mm Pegaso Models

  • Pirate Madagascar 1720 – Christos Katselos – 150 mm Latorre Models

  • 19th Century Bersaglieri Officer - Christos Panayotou – 54 mm Pegaso Models

  • Chasseur of the Imperial Guard - Christos Panayotou – 54 mm Metal Modeles

  • Louisana Tigers – Panayotis Tsetsekas – 54 mm Elite Miniaturas

  • French Cuirrassier - Christos Panayotou - 90 mm Andrea Miniatures

  • SS Standartenfόhrer – Stephen Mallia – 200 mm Pegaso Models bust

  • SS Panzergrenadier – Jaume Ortiz Forns – 1/35 Alexander Miniatures

  • 2nd Ranger Battalion – Christos Stamatopoulos – 54 mm Soldiers

  • SS Sturmbanfόhrer of Artillery – Diego Ruina – 90 mm Pegaso Models


    What can I say? The book is really a perfection with its high quality printing and contents. It is a fantastic album with 470 color photos of 35 award winning models, a wonderful color guide with codes or recipes on oil or acrylics, gives you tips and tricks on painting, encourages you on sculpting and represents you many different ideas on groundwork. Absolutely a MUST to have in your library but believe me you will always have it in your hands not in your library.

    Very Highly Recommended
    Highs: All color photos, excellent explanations, color codes for acrylics and oils, step by step articles, models of 21 different modelers, figures from different periods, more and more...
    Lows: No lows for this book.
    Verdict: Absolutely one of the best books published on figure modelling.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: Other
      Mfg. ID: ISBN:978-960-6740-49-7
      Suggested Retail: 39.90 €
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      PUBLISHED: Sep 27, 2008
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 87.56%

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    Thanks for the review Engin,it is definetely on my want list . Steve
    SEP 27, 2008 - 03:14 AM

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