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In-Box Review
Valkyrie Lady
Valkyrie Lady
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by: Alguhan Akşar [ WAMPUM ]

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Historicus Forma


German company Up-Miniaturen centauro line offers figure painters an interesting subject at 80 mm scale. This resin figure is representing a modern US Army female soldier.

about the figure

The figure Valkyrie Lady represents a "nice" pose of a female soldier sitting on a bomb. She is wearing modern US Army boots, hat and trousers in desert or other camouflage pattern.


The figure comes in a 100 x 130 x 35 mm. good quality cardboard box covered with premium quality paper. The cover of the box shows a photo of the figure unpainted and the original picture of the lady which was the inspiration for the sculpter. The sides of the box gives information about the product and company.

Inside the box, there is a zip bag containing all the pieces. A paper sheet is included which contains the pictures of the unpainted figure from different angles and the bigger version of the original photo of the lady.


The figure is sculpted by the owner of the company, Ulrich Puchala who was a dental tehnician for more than 25 years. His skills are very nicely seen on the proportionally sculpted pieces. The figure is made up of 5 resin parts. All parts are cast clean and crisp in very good details. No serious cleaning process will be needed but the tiny parts need attention when seperating from casting blocks.

The main part is Full body without legs. She wears only a short flannel undershirt. Hair, facial details and her nice smile are well represented. The "main attractive part" of the figure is also very well represented.

Other parts are ;

  • Hat: US Army desert (or other) camo boonie sun hat

  • Right and left legs wearing modern US army desert trousers and boots.

  • Bomb : the biggest but not the spectacular part of the figure set.


    A nicely sculpted and clean cast figure kit by Mr. Ulrich Puchala. An interesting and eye-catching subject which can color our showcases full of historical (and ugly beside this girl) figures. Easy to assembly with less and clean cast parts and very good fit. The flannel can be painted in a sweat color which may add a nicer look to figure.

    Highly Recommended

    Editor's note: The web site of up-miniaturen will be available soon. Till then you may contact Mr. Ulrich Puchala by e-mail at [email protected]
    Highs: An interesting subject . Nicely sculpted. Easy to assembly.
    Lows: A painting guide would be nice.
    Verdict: High quality sculpture and casting on an interesting subject. Would be a nice break to painting detailed historical miniatures.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: Other
      Mfg. ID: 5010
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      PUBLISHED: Mar 08, 2009
      NATIONALITY: United States
      THIS REVIEWER: 85.07%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 89.67%

    Our Thanks to Up-Miniaturen!
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