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In-Box Review
Scythian Archer
Scythian Archer
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by: Steve Readdie [ 1969 ]

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Historicus Forma

historical background

The Scythians were a race of people who inhabited the northern areas of the black sea (Pontic) steppes during the early iron age from 7th to 3rd centuries BC.

They were master horsemen and also bowmen which raised their status from nomadic stock raisers to a status of a major military power which lead to them ruling the major part of what is now the Soviet Union during their peek period. Although they achieved great military sucess they still retained their nomadic ways.

Although there is little evidence of their lifestyle and ways left by themselves a lot has been recorded by the ancient Greek historian `Herodotus` who encountered them around the Greek trading cities along the north shores of the Black sea.

The Scythians were not like the Huns or Mongolian race but more of a straight features Indo-European race of people.

The figure

The figure depicts a non mounted Scythian archer in a standing pose holding a small defensive shield in his left hand and a standard in his right. He is equiped with the customary compound bow which is sheathed and hanging from his belt. He wears no body armour and is cloathed in a leather fur lined jacket with fabric trousers and a leather head dress.

The kit

The kit comes packed in a moulded clear packaging with a image of the unpainted figure place in the front cover, the box art seems to show a white metal version but this version is resin.

There are 8 resin parts and one styrene rod for the standard pole.

The main part of the figure consists of the main body with legs and head attached, the arms are seperate as is all the equipment. Casting blocks seem minimal and easily removed without problems to the figure or parts.

The resin itself is of a cream colour and of a good quality creating good detail where it is sculpted on the figure especially for the fur seams on the jacket.

The casting shows no signs of air bubbles or pitting and is smooth, although on this particular figure there is a very noticable mould slip on both legs which would require quite alot of work to correct, the dissalignment of the parts is very noticable.

The sculpting of the figure is reasonable but lacks detail and the torso of the figure is far too thin when viewed from the side which is not easily corrected.


An interesting figure with good painting potential with the different fabrics present and choice of colours, quite a basic pose but works well for this figure.

Highs: Nicely equiped figure and interesting subject
Lows: Misalignment of casting resulting in large ridges on legs, torso sculpted too thin.
Verdict: With a bit of work would be a nice looking standalone figure.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WF-54006
  Suggested Retail: 9,99
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 03, 2009

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About Steve Readdie (1969)

Started modelling at age 11,built a couple of airfix planes and the Cutty Sark sailing ship.Got back into modelling a few months back and discovered figures and havent looked back,my main goal is to become a reasonable sculpter of figures.

Copyright 2021 text by Steve Readdie [ 1969 ]. All rights reserved.


Thanks for the review, Steve. Overall good, but I would have liked to have seen a few more photos of the individual parts. Thanks again, Rudi
JUN 24, 2009 - 05:49 PM

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