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In-Box Review
SA-2 Guideline Missile on Launcher

by: Shaun Keenan [ KEENAN ]

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The Trumpeter SA-2 Missile on Launcher fills a niche for anyone who is interested in the air war over Vietnam or the Arab Israeli wars. Iraq used these systems during both Gulf wars, too. The kit is packaged in the typical hard cardboard Trumpeter box. There are four separate sprues, and each is sealed in it's own plastic bag. There are three sprues for the base and launcher molded in dark green plastic and one for the SA-2 molded in white. There is also a small envelope containing the decals and a section of copper wire. The decals are packed with a small piece of paper to prevent any damage during shipping. The instructions feature a comprehensive parts map, which will come in handy. The color options on the instructions are vague so reference material may be in order.

The kit contains 159 parts total, 119 in dark green plastic for the launcher and 40 in white for the missile. All the parts are cleanly molded and flash free. The detail is crisp. There are a few ejector pin marks on the inside surfaces of the launcher but these will be hidden after assembly so fixing them should not be an issue. Decals are provided for the missile only. There are no markings for the launcher. The decals are well printed. All of the decals are monochromatic so registration is not an issue. Be aware that one of the decals reads “No Photo Sorry.” This must be the result of a miscommunication somewhere in the production of the kit and the decal should be discarded.

I am looking forward to building at least three versions of this kit, Vietnam, Yom Kippur and Iraq. This looks like a great little kit in the box for the money and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the diorama or armor possibilities.
I give the kit an 8 for the overall appeal. Great little kit.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 00206
  Suggested Retail: $22.00 USD
  Related Link: Trumpeter website
  PUBLISHED: Jun 21, 2004
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Shaun Keenan (keenan)

48 years old. Have been modeling since I was about 12. Will build almost anything in 1/35th scale. I really enjoy building dioramas. Current interest include any armor and dioramas WWII to present.

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