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In-Box Review
German SS Officer
German SS Officer World War II
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by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma


In recent years, the quality of the figures from Russia is significantly increasing. Besides the excellent sculpts of the talented artists, the flawless castings of the resin figures are worth to notice. One of these talented sculptors and also a member of Historicus Forma , Sergey Traviansky aka Menelay lately established his own company with the name Evolution Miniatures. Despite being a new company, they have a wide range of 1:35 scale resin figures including World War II German and Russian soldiers and Modern Russian infantry. The company announced they will produce figures in different materials like white metal and in different scales in a close future.

EM-35005 represents a World War II German SS Officer in a standing pose with a Russian submachine gun and carrying a binoculars.


The figure comes well packed in a transparent plastic cylindiric box in 9 cm height and 7 cm.diameter. There is a colored label on the box showing the company name, product name and the photo of the assembled and painted figure. Inside the box, a high quality photo print of the painted figure from different angles is supplied and can serve as a good painting reference. As I received the review samples, I thought the cylindiric shape of the kit is a good protection for the parts but can cause some problems during the transport but in a days I got an e-mail from the company telling they changed the box to rectangular cardboard box. Good point to see the problems in a short time and solve them. You may see the new box style in Evolution Miniatures News.

The parts are represented with the casting blocks and inserted in a plastic zip-lock bag to avoid unexpected damages during transfer. Small parts are secured in a second plastic bag.


The figure is sculpted by Sergey Traviansky and comes in 6 medium grey resin parts. The photos of the review can show the color of the resin in different tones due to artificial light. The resin quality is good and details are crisp. No air bubbles, no serious excess resin or any casting mistakes on the figure. The junctions between figure parts and casting blocks were well placed to remove the parts from the blocks without damage. There will be a need for a short cleanwork for a few very thin excess resin especially on the small parts .

  • The main part is Body with legs and right arm. Some parts of personal gear is cast on the body. He wears knee-lenght, German Army waterproof winter parka with a large hood, two flip top cover pockets on both sides of the chest and two inner pockets on both sides of waist. The interior of the coat is covered in wool or rarely fur for high rank officers. The details like cloth folds of the parka, neck part of balaclava, visible woolen texture on the neckbands and hood, pocket details are very well defined on the figure. The torn effect on the front right skirt and back side of parka are nice touchs. He carries a German Army Officer’s belt with enlisted men metal buckle. The emblem of the buckle can be seen on the figure. Some parts of personal gear are sculpted on the figure as mentioned before and it makes the assembly of the figure easier. The leather pistol holster for his Luger P08 Parabellum sidearm on the left side, the canvas pouch on the right front and leather map case hanged on the left show very good details. He wears M1942 woolen trousers and felt lined leather winter boots. The folds are very well defined on both parts.

    Other parts are;

  • Head : The facial details and the expression of the figure is very good and I believe the clear details on the face will make the paintwork easier for all. Nice sculpted moustache is also a good detail for the figure. He wears M 1942 Stahlhelm - steel helmet on his head. Under the helmet, he has a feldgrau woolen tube-shaped balaclava covering his neck and ears to provide extra protection from the cold. The cloth folds of the balaclava are well represented.

  • Left arm : Posed to carry the binoculars next to his chest. It shows nice cloth folds.

  • Right hand : He wears woolen gloves and carries a Russian submachine gun PPSh-41 nicknamed Pah-pah-sha . The weapon is designed by engineer Georgi Shpagin and known as the trademark of Red Army soldier. It fires 7.62 ammunition and has a drum magazine of 71 rounds or a curved box magazine of 35 rounds. Please click on the link for some photos and more info about this gun. The weapon is sculpted in nice details but needs a short cleanwork to remove the thin excess resin. It can be cleaned with hand in a short time using no tools.

  • Left hand : The woolen lined texture of the glove is well represented. He carries a long design 10x50 German Army binoculars .Excess resin on the binoculars can be cleaned without any tool in seconds.

  • Canteen : M 1931 water bottle in canvas cover. Buckles, straps and buttons on the side are well defined.


    Nice sculpt and high quality casting. A great figure to display alone or in WW II German winter vignettes and dioramas. The figure can be painted in fieldgrey, white or different camouflage patterns
    Highly Recommended
    Highs: Nice sculpt, high quality cast, ease on assembly with less parts and multiple painting options for Plain uniform or SS camo.
    Lows: Thin excess resin especially on small parts needs a short cleanwork.
    Verdict: Great figure to paint for a World War II Eastern front winter scene.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:35
      Mfg. ID: EM-35005
      Related Link: Product Page
      PUBLISHED: Jul 15, 2009
      NATIONALITY: Germany
      THIS REVIEWER: 92.20%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 94.44%

    Our Thanks to Evolution Miniatures!
    This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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    Born in 1962,married and having 2 sons. I started modelling about 8 years old building USS Fletcher with mom. It was a model dad brought from USA., I think in those days only a few people in Turkey had info on scale model kits. Grown as an AF officer son , I built many aircraft models in years. Som...

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    nice review of this figure Engin. I really like the look of Sergeys sculpts and am eager to see some larger scale figures from him in the future, his painting is very good also judging by the figure box art. Steve
    JUL 15, 2009 - 02:25 AM
    Great review Engin! I've submitted a review a few days ago about the three evolution figures in M42 fur-lined anorak.
    JUL 15, 2009 - 03:05 AM
    I've got this one on order as well - now I really can't wait to get it...
    JUL 19, 2009 - 08:10 PM

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