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In-Box Review
Copper Beams
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by: Rowan Baylis [ MERLIN ]

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An intriguing package arrived from The Airbrush Company last week containing a selection of "copper beams". Upon closer examination these turned out to be what I would call "brass rods" and they are part of a range produced by Lion Roar.

Whatever you want to call them, these are very useful items. The metal rods arrive well protected, taped to a card backing inside a plastic resealable cover. Each rod/beam is 200mm long, the number included and price depending on the thickness. The full range available is as follows:

■ LT0060 - 0.2mm x 200mm - 6 pieces - 2.49
■ LT0061 - 0.3mm x 200mm - 6 pieces - 2.49
■ LT0062 - 0.4mm x 200mm - 6 pieces - 2.49
■ LT0063 - 0.5mm x 200mm - 6 pieces - 2.49
■ LT0064 - 0.6mm x 200mm - 5 pieces - 2.98
■ LT0065 - 0.7mm x 200mm - 5 pieces - 2.98
■ LT0066 - 0.8mm x 200mm - 5 pieces - 2.98
■ LT0067 - 0.9mm x 200mm - 5 pieces - 2.98
■ LT0068 - 1.0mm x 200mm - 5 pieces - 2.98

All the sample rods arrived perfectly straight and 200mm is a handy length to work with. The precise .1mm steps are a real boon for superdetailers and the rods should have a myriad of modelling uses, only limited really by your own imagination. Testing a couple of the sample rods shows they bend quite easily (even the 1mm diameter) and have no tendency to spring back. The brass is hard enough to resist damage from pliers or a vice, but can still be filed if you want to shape it.

Apart from detailing and scratchbuilding, brass rod is ideal for adding supporting pins in butt-joints (wings, tailplanes and struts etc.) and is less likely to cause problems with corrosion than steel.

Lion Roar's "copper beams" are just part of their extensive range of styrene and metal stock that's available in round, square, "H" and "L" cross-sections, full details of which can be found on airbrushes.com.

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here - on AEROSCALE.
Verdict: Lengths of copper beam, or brass rod, whatever you call it, is a very useful material to have handy by your workbench.
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  PUBLISHED: May 03, 2010

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