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In-Box Review
Rust and Oil Pigments
Set No 1- Rust and Oil Pigments
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by: Alan McNeilly [ ALANL ]

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Vallejo have established themselves as a supplier of quality acrylic paints and have recently released their first series of pigments.

Matan recently did a review of
Set No 2- Mud and Sand,

Matt reviewed
Set No 3- Stone and Cement

and I offered the chance to try out their Set No 1- Rust and Oil.

The Set

This comes packed in a clear plastic wallet and contains 4-30ml bottles of pigments consisting of the following:
73106 Ė Burnt Sienna
73103 Ė Dark Yellow Ocre
73110 - Burnt Umber
73107 Ė Dark Red Ocre

The bottles have child proof caps, and the pigments are in fine powder form.
The first series of pictures will give you an idea of the contents and how the pigments look in terms of colour and texture.

My good friend Jon Hayward of Scale Model Medic has a number of ĎHow-To' videos on youtube and Iíve put in a link here for information;
Scale Model Medic

Iím going to follow some of Jonís techniques and try out the pigments on the set of bulk UK jerry cans from Resicast.
The first thing was to clean up the parts and give them a coat of Humbrol Matt 70, letting the paint dry thoroughly. I tested the pigments by adding a little ordinary tap water. Whatís obvious is the strength of the pigment, you only need a tiny amount to get quite a strong colour. Then I randomly applied them to a set of cans and the Churchill engine Iím building.

It is probably worth saying that unless you are building a wreck little, if any, rust appears on a functional vehicle, so less is more where in service vehicles are concerned. The photos show the effects of a very diluted application of the pigments, and this also gave me some idea of how they will blend together. If you look at the lower rim of the front plate on the Churchill engine you will see how the four pigments have blended across the plate with a heavier application of rust along the bottom rim.

Next I thought Iíd try and rust a complete unit, I choose the exhaust box on the Churchill I was building at the time. Having added a base colour I built up the pigments using some white glue. As this was my first venture into rusting a part completely Iím pretty happy with the result. Trial and error on my part, but I thought the pigments were easy to work with.

I didnít try an 'Oil' experiment, Burnt Umber being the base for that I would assume. It would have been helpful if Vallejo had included some mixing combinations in a small guide to aid modellers.


These pigments work as well as any I have used, and like all pigments you only need a little as they are very strong colours. Even though the pigments will dry out in your paint tray, just adding a little water brings them to life again and Iíve been using the four colours for about 4/5 weeks from my original very small test mix.

The pigments are finely ground, appear to behave like other pigments I have tried and the mix of colours is good. You could buy a set or buy individual colours to suit your needs, and this range offers a cost effective alternative if you choose to take it. Experimentation is they key, mixing different pigments of differing quantities together until you achieve what you want.
I have not rated this product as I am not expert enough to do that, but I can recommend them, they work as well as anything else I have tried so far.
Highs: Good strong colours, easy to work with, and value for the money.
Lows: None I can think of.
Verdict: Highly Recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 73196
  Suggested Retail: £11.99 MSRP
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 01, 2010

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nice one Alan, enjoyed reading
JUL 04, 2010 - 08:37 AM
Thanks Matan. Al
JUL 06, 2010 - 04:11 AM
Hey Alan Love the review. The colors look spot on, and most important they don't look to be as "powerful" as MIG pigments. The problem with some pigments is that a tiny bit can or is way too much. The test samples look great, just as the real thing would look. Any chance you doing a wreck some time Looks like I may have to get this set in the near future and give it a thorough test with different techniques. Thanks for the great review, a pleasure to read. Rob LINK
JUL 07, 2010 - 02:27 AM
Hi Rob, Thanks, glad you enjoyed the review. Not an expert here but yes, I'd like to have a go at a burnt out vehicle. I have an old Tamiya Italian kit that I will get to one of these days. Thanks for the comments. Al
JUL 07, 2010 - 03:46 AM

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